We do live in unprecedented times. Contentflow is extremely proud to be able to offer a tool, that helps to unite people. With Contentflow you’re able to live-stream your message on all channels, your website, and engage with your community.

In the past couple of months, we have catered the largest travel convention in the world virtually, helped corporations across the world to stay connected with their audience and supported tv-stations to stay online during a troubling time. The European Commission acknowledged Contentflow as a solution to cope with Covid19 and is supporting us tremendously.

To celebrate that and provide you with a tool, that might help in your current environment, we decided to enable – for the time being – unprecedented pricing for our services. Until further notice, you can signup with us here for $999 per month (cancel worry-free any time).

With Contentflow you’re able

  • to ingest live streams (any device, using RTMP ingest)
  • multistream them to any destination that accepts RTMP (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch) at the same time
  • embed our fully responsive web player onto your page (or link directly to our player)
  • enrich it by adding our text-chat-widget for (un)moderated discussions among your community
  • Add automated subtitles (in English) to your live stream on all channels
  • Add static overlays (e.g. watermarks) to your live streams, even target-specific
  • Clip out highlights of your streams within seconds
  • Push them to your social channels easily
  • See how successful your events were using our statistics
  • Switch from event to event without interruption in service on any channel

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

The all-in-one live streaming platform

Contentflow allows media teams to distribute live content to increase reach, engagement and revenue.

Workspaces & Teams

Organize your teams and streams in workspaces.

Manage your video content

Manage all your video in one place with different folders and different user rights.

Stream Sources & Video Editor

Set up unlimited streams. Edit video to share with your audience.

Player & MRSS-Feeds

Embed streams on your website. Push video files to an MRSS-Feed.

Stream Destinations & Ads

Stream to an unlimited amount of destinations. Overlay your logo and ads.

Media Management

Manage your media.

The most powerful live
streaming solution



The Contentflow team has years of experience working with live video, but before Contentflow they could never find a software that suited their live streaming needs. Eventually they decided to team up and develop their own solution – Contentflow.

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The Power of Contentflow


We give you the ability to edit, cut, and share excerpts while streaming.


With our video player, your audience can rewind the live stream at any point in time and watch your content in a high variety of resolutions.


With Contentflow, you can live stream across multiple platforms. We can distribute your stream(s) simultaneously to several Facebook accounts, Youtube Live, Twitch, and other social media platforms as well as an embeddable player for your own site.


See instantly how many users have viewed your streams at any time, or pull a geolocation heatmap for a visual illustration of where your viewers really are.


Add your company specific branding to your livestream.


Create automatically and in an impressive quality live subtitles in each livestream


With the live cutter you can cut content from the running stream and export or publish it.

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