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The Super Chat notification pops up. Yes! Now, if you’ve been on a YouTube live stream, you’ve seen how big the content creator smiles when this happens. These donations range from $1 to $500. Even though YouTube takes 30% of these earnings, this is a great way for content creators to monetize aside from the traditional advertising revenue, affiliate links and digital products.

What Exactly is a Super Chat?

Super Chat TipsIn 2017, YouTube came up with Super Chat, an interactive feature where viewers can pay a specific amount for their message to appear at the top of the live stream.

If you remember, Instagram borrowed some features from Snapchat, and, well, some think YouTube did the same with Twitch. But, hey, don’t hate the player, hate the game, right?

The Super Chat feature is unlocked for YouTubers with more than 1,000 subscribers, and it’s a good way to make easy money on the platform. However, content creators have to be creative in order to maximize the monetization of their live stream with Super Chat.

How the Super Chat Improves the Live Stream

Super Chat YoutuberWhen a viewer donates, the Super Chat stays pinned in the ticker for a specific amount of time. The more the person gives, the more time is granted. According to YouTube policy, the Super Chat (including the donation and comment) is highlighted in color, allowing more visibility. As a content creator, this feature helps you identify your new members and supporters. It also keeps the momentum of your live stream going. If you run out of topics, the highlighted comments and questions assist you with keeping the content fresh and interactive. Because a live stream chat is constantly moving as people type, it’s hard to keep track of comments and questions. This special feature acquires the attention of the creator, allowing a deeper connection between the creator and the audience.

Managing Your Live Stream Chat

Super Chat UsersThis is your channel. You run the show. However, without an audience, you have no show! Pay attention to your Super Chat senders. Look directly into the camera and say “thank you” for their donation. To make it even more special, shout them out by name and amount. If they have a comment or question, read it and discuss it as if you were on a call.

Incentivizing Your Super Chat

Encourage your audience to use the Super Chat feature by giving incentives. For example, a donation over a certain amount will be a future topic for an upcoming video. Or, perhaps, you can shout out their social media handles if they include them.

Utilizing Your Virtual Assistant

super chat assistantYour virtual assistant (if you have one) may be busy policing the comments on your live stream, but there is more that he or she can do. Another responsibility could be letting you know if you missed a donation. Even if you do not get the chance to thank them immediately, never end a chat without shouting out your supporters. 

After the Live Stream

Youtubers can see all of their Super Chat purchases for 30 days on their account. Even though, the total revenue may vary because of Apple service fees, sales tax, etc., content creators can use this information to assess their audience. Which live stream inspired the most donations? Does the live stream audience tend to give in small increments? How frequently do big ballers donate, and are they subscribers? By studying the patterns of your Super Chat activity over a month’s time, you can incorporate these learnings into your channel’s content.

Why does Super Chat work? It’s like an exclusive pass for access at a concert or conference but only digital. Of course, your live stream might have casual fans. However, many might be super fans of your content, of your brand, of you. This allows them more access, engagement and attention, which is what they are seeking. In return, the content creator benefits from a passive revenue stream, while connecting with viewers. Not bad. 

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