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Choosing the right technique can be hard. Marketing geniuses know that business is all about brand. If your consumer doesn’t love your brand, then it will show in the sales. The right brand can get you to do almost anything. We play fair here so we won’t name names, but think about it. The right brand can get you spend thousands on a phone, wear uncomfortable high heels or sneakers and even purchase water at a ridiculous price. However, even if the product is amazing, how do you distinguish one good product from another one? Brand. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, live streaming can help you innovate your brand with just a simple 3-step technique.

The “Document. Don’t Produce” Technique: #1 Press Record

Technique 1Easier said than done? If you’re a seasoned business, you may not be used to “documenting” as a strategy. After all, isn’t documenting meant for documentaries, reality television and influencers? Well, yes and no. If you watched Mad Men, you’ll remember the controversy about the Lucky Strike NYTimes letter. (Didn’t watch? Read it here). For the most part, his colleagues didn’t understand why he wrote a letter breaking up with a client. However, the science of it was the letter WAS the ad. Traditional? No, but it worked.

In today’s culture, the traditional marketing practices still work. However, video and live streaming are the most effective ways to reach an audience. People are not as interested in neatly packaged presentations because they lack the human connection. Live streaming techniques allow brands to document their journey and take the audience along for the ride.

#2: “Don’t Always Sell”: Be Clear about Unconditional Business Value

Technique 2Value is king. Live streaming can assist you with providing business value to your audience. By giving away free information, access and rewards, your audience will feel a closer connection to your brand.

Instead of trying to get someone to buy a product, you can add value to their lives without a condition. If you provide unconditional value in business, not all of your interactions will be ROI positive in the short-run. However, a reputation lives long.

While selling is essential, creating a community that defines your brand is the most important factor in acquiring valuable customers. Live streaming gives you a platform to create culture, share ideas and guide your consumers towards making impactful daily choices.

#3: “Be Real”: Don’t Shut Out Imperfections

Technique 3Live streaming allows you to show your hand to your consumer.  The best technique is to be transparent. It’s deeper than being honest. It’s about being open, letting your audience see what’s behind the curtain.

Sure, people don’t always want to know how the sausage is made. But, wouldn’t it be interesting to know who the cook is? Even if the recipe is secret, there’s more to share.

Ninety-four percent of consumers surveyed in the Label Insight study indicated that they would be more loyal to a transparent brand. That’s not all. Seventy-three percent indicated that they would be willing to pay more for a product that was 100% transparent. While this varies according to the consumer, it has led to the shift in marketing, which is evident in today’s market.

Your technique should be clear as day. For example, conditional business value says, “As long as you promise to buy this, I will give you this.” Unconditional business value says, “I don’t care if you buy this. (It would be nice if you did) But I still WANT to give you this. By live streaming, you can give your audience what they are craving from you: attention, value and access.

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