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A live stream can make your event even more effective. Think about it. People are three times more likely to watch a live stream than a regular video. This should prompt businesses to jump at the chance of getting a better hold of their audience. Live streaming can improve your business in multiple ways. It can allow you to retain your audience and revitalize your company’s brand with boots-on-the-ground tactics.

Better Communication via Live Stream

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More people are interested in watching than reading content. A recent article on makes the case for video, referencing the Forrester Research that states that a video in an email campaign can boost click-through rates up to 300 percent. Perhaps, people feel more comfortable with video because of the personal connection. It may feel as if the speaker on other end is communicating directly with them specifically.

Let’s take it a step further. There’s something to be said about “first dibs.” A live stream allows people to be a part of something bigger. Your business could have a prospective client who was too tired, sick or uninterested to attend an event in person. However, they might have been interested enough to tune into the live stream. If there were no live stream, then you would have to bank on conveying the event’s success through pictures or videos post-event. Live streaming does a good job of enticing the virtual audience from a distance. Studies show that viewers of a live stream are more likely to attend the event in the following year.

LIVE Authenticity

Live streaming allows your business to “keep it real” with your audience. For example, everyone loves that moment when a talk show host accidentally blurts out an expletive on air or when a show takes you “behind the scenes” in real time. In a similar fashion, a live video stream can capture the true intent behind your company’s mission. Your content can deeply resonate with viewers. If you invest in Contentflow, you would be able to utilize the live-clip option, which is the best of both worlds. You can control your live content, while still giving your audience authentic content in real-time.

Quicker Insights from Live Stream

By live streaming your event or media coverage, you can receive feedback as soon as your content goes live. This closes the gap between your business and the audience. Because of the immediate nature of streaming, you can alter your program or accommodate the needs that can be addressed on such short notice. By doing so, you can improve their experience, hence better positioning your business.

Concentrated Live Streaming Efforts video stream equipment

Investing in a long-term live streaming platform will streamline your marketing efforts, leading to ROI positive results. Investing in a cloud-based SaaS solution for all facets of live streaming, such as Contentflow, makes live streaming simple. Having an easy product to use saves time and effort, allowing employees to concentrate on the content creation instead of how to get it out to the audience.

Building Work Relationships with Live Streaming

Live streaming can improve business by from the inside out. Incorporate live streaming internally can create a better work culture. For example, if you are hosting corporate summer events but have remote employees, you can build morale by live streaming these functions. Even though they may not be in the same location, your employees would be able to further develop a rapport with the other team members through live video. Live streaming large internal conferences can also greatly impact your company’s budget for the better.

Cost-Effective Live Stream

CalculatorLive streaming via a good platform that is set up for the complexity of events, conferences and shows can save your business from overspending. Contentflow also has live-clip and live-edit functions that can be quickly turned into shareable video content. This feature eliminates the need for expensive editing software or experienced editors who charge per hour. Saving money on a major marketing tool can free up your budget for other business areas that need support.

New Customers

If you create a live series, your audience can know what to expect from you. Live streaming over a span of time will build trust and lead to new customers. By having a consistent schedule for live streaming, you can incorporate more creativity. Live streams can include Q&A sessions, event promotions, tutorials, one-on-one confessional-style vlogs, influencer partnerships, concerts, etc.

The act of live streaming allows you to make your brand more human. By humanizing your brand, customers will feel more comfortable with taking a chance on your business. People buy products, but people buy into people first. Live streaming will allow your business to show the world your true colors without hesitation. This level of transparency is the buy-in that not only gets new customers but builds a loyal customer base over years of business.


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