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Airport live streaming may seem like a hassle that you don’t want to try. However, this can be the perfect medium that will yield positive results. Whether you’re checking in for the redeye flight or waiting for your layover flight, you can utilize live streaming to get the attention of your customers and business associates. With everyone being their own media channel these days, it is important to be your own journalist and publicist. Learning how to communicate with your audience will get you far on social media, helping you develop more contacts and leading to greater sales.  

Airport Conferences 

airport meetingsWhen you arrive at a major airport, there’s a chance that there might be small meetings happening in the same facility. Going live allows you to show your availability, and you might be able to convene with heavy hitters who are waiting for flights or wrapping up meetings nearby.

As live streaming becomes more common is our society, more executives will utilize live video to communicate with other executives.

Being active in this space now will give you leverage to become an expert at communication. This expertise will build trust in the eyes of your peers, which will help you sustain your business in the long haul.

Attention Is Your Key Asset 

keith chan rTv2jBfQoWk unsplashIf you are holding up a phone in front of you, or someone else is recording you, travelers will pay closer attention to you. A part of them might be curious as to who you are. Going live is its own form of in-person networking.

You have the opportunity to chat with people on the live. However, you are also allowing people around you to notice you. This is the equivalent to wearing a bright tie to a conference or a stunning dress to a cocktail party with your business card in your pocket.

Moreover, live streaming can serve as your open liner or introduction to a deal. If the right person is watching your live, while waiting for a flight, you might be able to steal their attention from whatever email is waiting to be answered in their inbox.

Executive One-on-One Time

airport1Connecting or delayed flights tend to drive travelers crazy. To make matters worse, people in airports tend to be bored.

That’s why there are so many stores because bored people tend to buy, hence airport reads. Funny enough, those who rarely read are the same people who buy books and magazines with a bag of Trailmix.

With that being said, if you live stream with a direct shoutout to executives with a specific ask, then they might be bored enough to reach out. Delayed flights might just work in your favor because no one enjoys the act of waiting. And, travelers who fly commercial are focused to wait. Why not take advantage of this by going live and seeing who is available? 

Impromptu Airport Interviews

keith chan rTv2jBfQoWk unsplashPerhaps, you need to hire new staff or freelancers. However, you haven’t the time to go through a pile of resumes. Live stream what your current needs are.  Then,  you might be able to connect with travelers who might be a good fit.

Airports are full of people of different professions, backgrounds and ambitions. If someone sees your live from the same airport and is qualified, you can conduct an interview on the spot. Moveover, live streaming allows you to maximize your time. With one live stream, you can build brand, establish a good connection with the audience and get business done. 

If you find yourself in an airport, take advantage of the opportunity. People like to see how others live. While traveling might not be exciting for you, live streaming documents your journey. Not only does it provide a live timestamp of your activities, people can see that you are walking the walk. For example, your investors will see that you are on the go, actively trying to increase business opportunities and increasing brand awareness. No matter, the time of your stream, going live in an airport can only be an upside for your business. 

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