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Amazon, the fastest growing company to date, launched their Amazon Creator App during the first quarter of 2019. Amazon Live is a live streaming application, which helps brands to connect with customers on the platform during real time. With this feature, you can discover live streams on their website as well as the mobile app under “Amazon Live.” Buyers can watch live streams on the detail page of the product or on various placements where they browse on the site. They can also view live streams on the brand’s display page. Professional Amazon Sellers who are registered in their Brand Registry and are actively selling on the site can take advantage of this live streaming tool. If you qualify and would like to increase your brand awareness to drive sales, live streaming may be the final link to seal more sales for your product. 

Sad News for #TeamAndroid

AmazonWhile Contentflow is not on #teamandroid or #teamiphone (we serve all), other companies are still in the process of creating equal for all applications. So before you go any further, please be advised that this live tool is only available for iPhone users. Since it recently came out earlier this year, flexibility still remains limited. However, not even all Apple products are considered the same. For example, this feature can be used on an iPad, but it is not recommended as it is optimized for the iPhone. Right now, you can live stream through the app, utilizing the iPhone’s built-in camera, or you can stream through the Amazon Live Creator app and use an external camera by choosing “external camera.” If you stream with an external camera, you have to use an RTMP enabled video encoder. 

Amazon Live: Getting Your Stream Started

gabrielle henderson 1DMNn6gBbwQ unsplashBefore you do anything, think of a good name for your live stream. Your live stream name should be compelling enough to make your products stand out among the competition. Then, you have to add your products to your live stream. Keep in mind that the first product in your product carousel will most likely get the most views, while streaming. However, you can always edit the order of the products. Tap the “Pencil” icon, which is right next to the product selector before going live. When you’re live, tap on one of the products to highlight it, allowing that product to be moved to the first slot. Sellers use this option so customers can easily identify which products is being discussed on the live.

Choosing a Good Thumbnail for Amazon Live

joshua rawson harris NSPPhHIJtkA unsplashSelect a good “slate image” for viewers to preview your live stream. Your “slate image” is the thumbnail of your live video. The aspect ratio for your slate image 16:9. However, you can crop an image to the correct measurements using their image uploader. You can upload this image when you are setting up your live stream. If you would like to switch images, you can wait until after your live stream is complete and select a new one. For the best results, try uploading a branded thumbnail so customers will easily recognize your brand when browsing. 

Getting Amazon Customers to Find Your Live Stream

Since there is no set limit for any live stream, you can live stream as long as you would like. If you would like to promote your live stream, you can send the shareable link of the live stream to your contacts via email, social media, etc. You will see the shareable link, while you are creating your live stream, or if you search “streams” on the app. Then, select the stream of your choice and slide left for the “share” button. Another tip is that the longer the stream, the higher the chances are of customers finding you. In addition, you can also schedule your live stream. Your channel page will mention the time of your upcoming live streams. It is best to follow your live stream schedule so customers are not idly waiting for you to arrive. 

Not Ready? No worries. Practice First.

derick anies hDJT ERrB w unsplashEven if you’re not a rookie to live streaming, you might want to practice. This platform allows you to live stream in practice mode without any customers have access to your live. By doing this, you will also be able to check your internet connection quality as well as your audio. This way, when you start your real live, you won’t lose any customers because they can’t hear you from the other end or as a lack of poor service. When you turn on “Practice Mode,” you’ll be able to set up your live stream. Simply, copy the “Practice Mode” link and send it to yourself so you can watch from another phone, laptop, etc. Watching your live stream from another device will allow you to spot technical issues and reduce the number of mistakes when you officially live stream. 

Responding to Customer During Live

Your live stream is the best time to interact with customers. You can answer their questions directly during the live stream, or you can use the chat feature in the app. Think about posting an initial chat so your viewers can see that you are engaged and would like to connect with them before your live stream starts. Another engagement tip is to update your profile name and image according to your brand. Go to to update your information. Additionally, you can display a custom message or promotion during your live, alerting customers to any limited specials or discounts.

Post-Live Stream

malvestida magazine FfbVFLAVscw unsplashAfter your live stream has finished, a recording of the stream will be available on your channel page and under “recently live” streams. These streams stay up in different parts of the website up until 48 hours. If you would like to remove your recorded live stream, you can go to “streams,” and then click on “edit.” After you click, you can toggle the “publish” toggle off, which will remove your live stream from the website rotation.

You can download your live stream after it has finished. Click on “streams” on the app, and you will be able to locate the stream of your choice. The download button will be on the top right corner of the live stream detail page. Open it and save the video after the live stream link has been emailed.

Live streaming on Amazon is just another effective way to build audience and connect with your customers. It allows you to build brand recognition, while reassuring your customers that your product is right for them. In addition to utilizing this platform, you should promote your product on your various social media channels. Cross promotion will allow you to increase overall visibility for greater sales.

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