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Business presentations can be tedious and not very engaging if done poorly. However, nothing beats a solid business presentation that incorporates clear, effective live streaming. Choose to be innovative by utilizing real time tools. Creating a more interactive presentation is the first step. By live streaming, you will increase engagement, making your business presentation stand out among coworkers and competitors.

What Does Live Video Say About Your Business Presentations?

business presentation liveWhile the nature of your meeting will range according to your field and niche, live video can complement any form of meeting. From nonprofit to corporate, live streaming will allow your participants to feel included, have a sense of urgency and develop accountability. If you invest in live streaming, you are investing in the brand. During these times, those who incorporate live video in their content are innovative. By being progressive and interested in the wellbeing of their participants, you are demonstrating strong leadership.

Pre-Recorded Vs. Live Content

Videos can be useful, but if they are not in real time, you will be missing an important element: transparency. Live video allows the audience to feel connected to the speaker. Additionally, it also gives the viewer the impression of being “in action.” A pre-recorded video may be informative. However, it doesn’t allow your participants to directly take part in the presentation.

Transparency in Your Business Presentations

live stream churchSomething happens when people are encouraged to engage in real time. For example, the same thing happens when a teacher actively calls on a student to participate. If your audience knows that they are a part of your business presentation, then transparency might be more easily achieved from both ends. Live video allows for questions, thorough explanations and optimal virtual communication. Without live streaming, those not in physical attendance of the business meeting may not achieve the same level of transparency because the lines of communication would not extend that far.

What Live Streaming Tools Are Beneficial?

Choosing an experienced, effective live streaming software, such as Contentflow, would help you achieve your live video goals. With Contentflow, we provide a series of tools to help not only improve your branding, but to create an easy tool that your presenters and participants can equally enjoy. For example, with our software, you can create snackable content for your audience. Our Live Cutter is user-friendly, allowing you to cut, edit and publish, while live streaming. We also provide Cloud-Based Editing, which allows you to share edited content with your participants during the live. For the hearing impaired or those who are not able to hear the audio, we provide subtitles as an option.

Other Live Streaming Perks

charles deluvio bXqOMf5tvDk unsplash CopyIf you’re worried about reaching a wider audience for your business presentations, don’t stress another minute. With Contentflow, you can multistream your live content across multiple platforms, including various websites, social media platforms and more. If a participant missed a portion of your live stream, no worries. With our Embeddable Media Player, they can simply rewind in real time, allowing them to catch up. In addition, take advantage of our Audience Analytics, and you will discover where your participants are located across the country, enabling you to better understand your demographics. Also, we allow you to create a culture of consistent branding with the use of the Static Overlay Graphic, allowing you to include your company logo on your live stream.

Business presentations can come in many forms as they vary according to purpose and deliverables, but incorporating live video is always a smart option for increasing engagement and repeat participation. Contact Contentflow today for a free demo, and you’ll learn more about why this is the perfect option for your workplace.



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