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Camera, Lights, Action! The only problem is that with live streaming on your own personal channel, you might be the one handling all three. If you have Wifi and a standard android or iphone, your basic equipment should be all set.

Hopefully, you’ve selected a place with a decent ambiance and lighting. Now, about the action part… So, are you familiar with that woman who hides when people whip out their camera? Oh, yes, and there’s that guy who doesn’t like public speaking. Are you this type of person?

If so, live streaming might prove not to be second nature. However, with practice, you could be live streaming with the best of them.

Get Camera Ready First

anh tran CdX0EULFNw unsplashIf you think you’ll bomb on live stream, practice recording random videos. First, make videos for yourself, then make videos for your audience. By creating videos, you can record and edit as much as you’d like.

When you are comfortable with the final product, you can release it to the public. The more content you create, the more relaxed you will be on camera. After a few months of uploading videos, try a live stream and see how you feel. Once you are camera ready, you might be live stream ready as well.

Rock Shades on Camera

camera 3A lot of shy actors and singers wear sunglasses during press conferences, interviews and outdoor events. Many think it’s fashion, but sometimes, it’s shyness. If you struggle with making direct eye contact with the camera, try rocking a pair of chic sunglasses. By hiding behind a pair of cool shades, you may feel more relaxed with speaking on your live stream.

Make the Destination Worthwhile

Divert the attention from you to your background. Perhaps, you are shooting on a lake, near a mountainside, in the heart of the city, etc. Pick a location that your viewers will appreciate. A good atmosphere will help with the content delivery. In addition, if you are walking, why not show your viewers the tour of the area? This way, the attention will be on the ambiance, landmarks, etc. instead of your face. Even though most viewers are not concentrating on specific aspects of your appearance, having a crutch during your live stream may help you gain confidence.

Choose the Right Person

camera shy 4Try getting a partner to film your live stream with you. Alternate guest appearances, interview special influencers and invite friends to appear on your live stream. By doing this, you will be getting the attention away from you and onto someone else. This may help you become more comfortable with speaking about specific or random topics.

Being shy isn’t necessarily that bad for live streaming. It might resonate with the audience. Plus, if you are sincerely shy, the viewers will find you genuine. Since there are a lot of outgoing content creators on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., you will stand out. Don’t let your shyness get in the way of creating content. If you are passionate about the work, it will show on your live stream. Speak from the heart until you get comfortable with it.

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