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As your live stream service provider, Contentflow provides an innovative video player that brings your event to center stage during realtime. Whether this is the concert for Brit Award winners at the Friedrichstadtpalast, the announcement of a new department set up at the Federal Foreign Office or interactive sessions by the global media forum of Deutsche Welle with over 2,000 journalists, we are well-equipped to take care of your needs across all industries.

Our  Innovative Video Technology

video player 1Should you request a live stream from Contentflow, we will supply you with the live stream as a “ilframe/source code” for your website. We are also able to supply graphics and videos (on demand). This allows us to reduce the time that your viewers have to wait for the live stream. Our video technology will enable your live stream to be live on your website, Facebook, YouTube and other social media networks of your choice.

We can assure you that your viewers will see the live video picture displayed on every screen. It doesn’t matter whether you have IOS/iPhone, Android or a Windows mobile phone. If your browser does not support Adobe Flash any longer, we will play the live image using HTML 5.

  • Do you have too little bandwidth to view the live stream? We offer from low to medium to HD quality, providing more freedom for your viewers.
  • Do you switch on too late to watch to important live events? You can play back live up to 3 hours, while the event is still running.

Our Live Video Technology

audienceIs your social media department is impatient but is forced to wait until the event is over in order to have the entire recording is available (direct link to the event)? For example, do they have to wait to publicize the CEO’s important speech on Twitter, etc.?

Using Contentflow enables you to select the speech and download it and continue to play it directly as a new video file. While live streaming.

Is your next AGM looming? Do you want your important event to reach even more stakeholders, investors and viewers?

Choose Contentflow As Your Service Provider

video player 2Contentflow gives you the option of recording an event with several cameras led by professional videographers, or even statically installed cameras in HD quality and putting this directly online using video live stream. This is also possible at locations where no Internet is available thanks to special technical solutions. With our technology, you can view the recording of your event right away.

Additionally, you can integrate your live transmission/livestream of the event on your webpage with your corporate identity.  You can also display the professional live video image in the timeline of your company’s accounts at Facebook as a live stream.

Thanks to the Facebook algorithm, Facebook live videos are given preference over postings.  In our experience, live postings generate more interactions, comments and views. If that is not enough, you are also able to include embedding as you like. Your event can also be presented during the live stream, at the same time and in addition to Facebook and your website, or simply just on YouTube. Additionally, your live recording is available within a matter of seconds at the end of the live phase.

Contentflow Services

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  • Live moving images in HD quality 

We give you the option of recording an event with several cameras, led by professional camera teams, or even statically installed cameras in HD quality and placing this directly online. This is also possible at locations where no Internet is available, thanks to special technical solutions.

  • All-round carefree package

    Media companies, journalists and other clients utilize our technology during press conferences, panel discussions, technical discussions,business meetings, etc. To ensure effective support, we provide the entire hardware and software environment, and our staff can carry out the streaming. It is a full service from a single source.

If you would like to demo our live streaming technology and service, please contact us at We would be happy to contribute to your event’s success.