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Corporate workplaces are making strides to improve the communication between employees and senior management. With the fast growth in technological advances, management has a lot of tools available at their fingertips. Investing in a comprehensive live streaming platform can provide corporations with more options to providing an open, communicative and inclusive workplace. From trainings to announcements, live video can capture and share moments in real time, making a huge difference in how employees operate in the workplace.

Corporate Announcements Via Live

john schnobrich yFbyvpEGHFQ unsplashEveryone has received an ambiguous email from management. Perhaps, it even raised more questions. Sometimes, the tone does not seem completely reflective of the contents of the email either. You may have been tempted to press reply-all, but that’s not always considered proper email etiquette. Then, if you send an email with questions to the sender, you may not always get a reply. Instead of sending an email by itself, companies are now following up their correspondence with live video. Imagine being able to hear the truth from the horse’s mouth. Then, imagine being able to get real answers in real time. Live streaming can eliminate any momentary confusion by addressing problems as they arise. Live video can empower employees to have a voice. Moreover, it allows them to the opportunity to be included in the conversation.

Special Days to Celebrate

food photographer jennifer pallian gRZYR210m0U unsplashIf you’re someone who doesn’t work at the main headquarters, you may miss out during certain celebrations. Live streaming won’t help you get a slice of cake when the main office celebrates the company’s anniversary. However, it will definitely bring the offices together on these special days. Live video can make employee awards, birthdays and anniversaries more special, and it can allow employees to better recognize people in other offices. Sometimes, the thumbnail photograph of your fellow coworker is so small that you can barely recognize them. Live video allows you to put a face to an email signature.

Corporate Trainings

No matter the industry you are in, live video can allow your training department to gain more flexibility. Even though many corporations like to implement trainings via online modules, there are still many in-person trainings.

While nothing can replace a face-to-face training, a live video can provide a good substitute. In addition, if an in-person training occurs at the main headquarters, it can be live streamed to the other branches as well. This would enable more employees to experience the training.

More Face Time with CEO or Management

sebastian bednarek OJw5zts38K4 unsplashYour CEO may be busy on the road. Traveling from city to city doesn’t always allow the best one-on-one time with employees. However, with the incorporation of live streaming, more executives are able to connect with their staff without being in the office. Live video allows the conversation to include 1 or 2 people to thousands at the same time. Corporate settings are now adopting more of a live streaming culture. It adds a convenience factor, while providing a strong sense of community. Live streaming can improve the culture of an organization, allowing more employees to connect with the CEO. Depending on the CEO, he or she can discuss upcoming company plans, important announcements, personal stories and more.

Guest Speakers

coporate speakerSometimes, you might lose the opportunity to have an impactful guest to speak with your employees because of conflicting schedules, money or time. However, what if your guest didn’t have to travel? What if your guest speaker could just communicate via video with your employees? Not only would this empower your employees, it would allow all of your locations to benefit from the speech, not just one location. This method is also cost-effective and may be a better situation for the guest speaker as it eliminates travel and hotel accommodations. Your organization would also have the option of keeping it internal. If shared externally, then you would have the ability to greatly expand your company’s reach.

Live and Remote Corporate Meetings

corporateWithout regular all-staff meetings, employees would not be aligned with the ongoing company goals. While many companies have implemented an instant messenger system, this does not provide a good replacement for an in-person meeting. With text, it is still easy to misinterpret conversations. However, traveling isn’t always an option.With employees that work in different cities and time zones, it is often very difficult and expensive to have frequent all-staff meetings. Instead of demanding that staff make the trips, many corporate offices are implementing corporate meetings via live stream. This way, part-time, consultants, out-of-state and remote employees can experience the same meeting as the regular, local full-time workers. This also saves money for the company as well as the employee as it cuts back on expenses and traveling time.

Covering Important Corporate Ground

corporate organizationLive streaming can come in handy when discussing important conversations, while remote. For example, if Human Resources needs to discuss a new policy, live streaming would be the best way to reach the most employees without losing the personal touch that is often absent in email. Sensitive topics that do well via live streaming between management and employees instead of only email include: restructuring, compensation increases and changes, dress code changes, acquisitions, etc. Additionally, if there are financials items that need to be delivered, it is easier to comprehend and follow what is happening by watching a video versus listening on a conference call. A live video can also enable employees to see slides, charts and other displays during the live presentation.

Going live should be at the forefront of your organization’s goals as it not only budget-friendly but it enables employees to be more involved at the company. More employee involvement improves long-term retention. Additionally, it closes some of the gap between management and employees, allowing more communication to take place. If you are in the market for a comprehensive live streaming service, contact Contentflow for a free demo. Whether you need live streaming to improve your internal or external reach, Contentflow’s wide range of specialties will help you expand your base in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

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