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When you’re getting ready to host your live, remember not all of your viewers will catch you in real time. They may be leaving work a little late or caught up with another task. However, once you jump on your live, it would be great for them to have the ability to catch up with whatever was missed. Contentflow’s Embeddable Video Player allows the viewer rewind in real time.

Learning at Different Speeds with the Embeddable Video Player

embeddable video playerYour live content may be educational or instructional material in need of assistance. The embeddable video player option encourages your viewers to rewind portions of your live. By doing so, they can better understand the materials. In addition, this feature allows viewers with different level of learning abilities to consume the live content at their own pace. In conjunction with Contentflow’s subtitles option, viewers will have everything necessary to consume your live content without unwarranted interruptions.

Professional Live Content

High-resolution is a selling feature because it conveys high quality content and professionalism. With a wide range of high variety resolutions, your viewers will receive only the best presentation. It would be a shame if your viewers were not able to rewind, or even had to wait until the end of the live to go back to a part that was skipped or missed. This feature allows your audience to better retain information through providing the highest form of accessibility, enabling them to rewind as frequently as needed.

Convenience at No Extra Cost

Your audience will appreciate that your live is not only accessible but convenient for their consumption. The embeddable video player allows them to feel at ease because it allows them to manage their priorities simultaneously. When you enable your audience to experience your content in a variety of ways, you are showing respect for the viewer. With this built-in feature, your live will have the flexibility that it needs to be relevant in a competitive market.

If you’re in the market today for a new live streaming software, contact us today for a free demo at your convenience. We will discuss the best options for your business needs. This will allow you to envision how this all-one-streaming platform can help you gain momentum in your respective field of interest. While other streaming platforms are complicated to use, Contentflow is not only easy to use but comprehensive in its offerings. Let’s discuss!