Tomorrow, on May 7th at 10 a.m. CEST, Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) with more than 50,000 participants in person and more than 300 speakers, will open their doors for two days. It is not only a highlight for everyone involved in marketing and social media, but also a highlight for Contentflow.

Since March 2018, the OMR has been using Contentflow’s live streaming  platform to capture almost all events and activities at the convention center, enlarging their target audience on their social media presence on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter as well as their own website.  

Last year, Contentflow demonstrated enormous capacity and power by conducting 17 simultaneous live streams. In 2019, we have continued to push industry standards by seeking to host 25 live streams (3 main stages + 22 master classes), which will be live streamed, recorded, and redistributed to all major channels.

(Contentflow at OMR 2018 with 17 livestreams to 102 destinations, this year it will go up to 25 live streams at the same time)

By using Contentflow, the social media team of the Online Marketing Rockstars will gain the ability to offer to their prestigious list of 300+ well-known speakers, vendors and partners to live stream and restream everything on the timetable as well as on the respective social media channels and websites of their event collaborators.

Contentflow makes it possible to restream to an unlimited amount of destinations without having to worry about bandwidth. Using our static overlay feature, it is even possible to add channel-specific branding (e.g. company’s logo) to the stream. This way, it is feasible to stream a masterclass directly from the convention center right into the company’s social media, with maintaining corporate identity. Additionally, it enables OMR to increase visibility for partners, speakers and vendors.  

Most importantly, Contentflow’s easy-to-use live-clipping and ASAP recording will be a game changer for Online Marketing Rockstars. As soon as a speaker walks off stage, or a quotable sentence is spoken, the footage is “clippable” and can be converted into shareable snackable content.

Using Contentflow’s cloud based video editor and inbuilt push-to-social feature, there is no need to download, wait and edit the video file using a locally installed video-editor only to then upload it. It is all done within Contentflow. This way, you can checkmark which files need to be uploaded as well as to which platforms. Contentflow uses the stored meta-data (title, tags, etc.) and prepares the social media postings within seconds.

Our innovative software also uploads video files on your behalf and within your control to their selected destinations (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Gdrive, FTP and more).This feature also promotes innovative marketing practices as it allows you to distribute emails, including the content only moments after having been recorded. Recordings can be embedded on the website within seconds, and your social media audience can anticipate a consistent stream of new snippets of content in addition to all the ongoing live streams.

Sebastian Serafin

Sebastian Serafin

Sebastian is the CEO of Contentflow.