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TikTok is currently becoming more and more popular in part because it is possible to quickly build a large audience base. Livestreaming plays an important role in TikTok’s success. If an account has more than 1,000 followers, an integrated live streaming function is available. And for larger accounts, there is also an RTMP interface. We’ll explain exactly what both live streaming options look like here.

If you have more than 1,000 people on your TikTok account who watch you regularly, the live function should be available there. TikTok doesn’t give more precise details, but the function should be available after you have exceeded the mark. But where can you find the live function?

If you click on the plus symbol at the bottom, a new screen opens, where you can see the seconds at the bottom, and if you swipe to the right, you should find the “Live” item:

tiktok app live

The Live item in the TikTok app

A new screen opens with a button “go live”, when you click it, there is a countdown of three seconds, and it starts. All subscribers then receive a corresponding notification.

You always have the integrated camera as an input signal through this function. If you want to generate the image signal in a different way, the second option to go live with TikTok is the RTMP interface. Please note: this option is currently only enabled for selected accounts. Only TikTok itself can unlock this feature for an account!

Livestream via the RTMP interface at TikTok

Livestreaming through the RTMP interface creates a pretty simple workflow. You can generate a stream key and an RTMP address in the TikTok app, which you can then use in the respective streaming tool (e.g. Contentflow). This is based on the usual workflow, which you also have with Facebook or Twitter.

This way, you can also stream directly to TikTok from the Contentflow livestreaming software. Especially for companies using TikTok, the combination of B2B software Contentflow and TikTok via RTMP is a good option for professional live streaming

Where can I find the RTMP data and the stream key?

You can find the RTMP data where you usually go live. If you go to the plus at the bottom and swipe to the right where you would normally go live, there is – if you are unlocked – the option “Transfer to PC/Mac”. After clicking on “Start Live”, you will see the RTMP server and the stream key.

TikTok Live Studio

According to Techcrunch, TikTok offers the TikTok Live Studio software for game streams. This is currently only available in a Windows version and only in “selected markets” (Europe, USA). The software can be used to stream games via the computer, and it can also be used to chat with users.

How does the software work? After downloading, you log in with your TikTok credentials. You can then stream content from your PC or console to your TikTok account. A browser window cannot be streamed via this.

Do you want to get to know the B2B live streaming platform Contentflow? Request a free tour here.