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Influencer marketing may not be naturally intuitive for the influencer. Sometimes, it takes some intensive planning to execute the most basic scenes. If you’re an influencer or one in the making, then consider filming your vacation to build brand. Your followers on social media are more likely to share visual content 40X as much as other content, according to HubSpot. Get your followers interested through your live so they can grow curious about the rest of your content. By going live on your vacation, you will share an intimate part of your life, entertain your audience and provide informative content. Live streaming both the special and not-so special moments will allow your audience to live vicariously through you.

1.Packing for Vacation

influencer packingGetting ready for vacation can be a daunting experience, especially if you are not a light packer. Many of your followers may feel the same. Live streaming your packing process might be entertaining for your audience. They could also participate during your live stream by helping you decide what to pack and what to leave behind. If you are traveling out of the country, you could ask them for packing tips. For example, what kind of charger should you bring? During this live stream, you can share your excitement or apprehension about your upcoming travel plans. This is also a good opportunity to explain how long you will be gone, how you will document your trip, etc. By doing so, your followers will know when to tune in for your vacation updates.

2.Influencer Workout

influencer workoutEven if you’re not a gym rat, you should touch on exercise during your vacation live streaming series. Show yourself discovering the hotel gym and deciding on what workout would work best for you. If you’re planning on a run, show the distance during the live stream, share your running shoes and challenge the audience to run as well. While it is nearly impossible to run while live streaming, you can resume your live stream post-run. If you have no intention of working out, show the inside of your suitcase (absent of workout gear: sweats, leggings, sneakers, etc.) for laughs. Whether or not working out is on the agenda, your attitude during the live stream will set the tone for the trip.

3.Influencer Breakfast

influencer breakfastThere’s nothing more beautiful than a great breakfast spread. As an influencer, you may be able to receive sponsored meals from the hotel. If so, show a beautiful display of food, while discussing your vacation plans for the day. This is also a good time to get feedback from your live stream audience regarding what they would like to see.

If you decide to get breakfast from outside of the hotel, give the restaurant or coffee shop free promotion. If you enjoy the food, your audience will appreciate your sponsor-free, unbias review. They might keep your recommendation in mind when visiting that area. If they like it, you will become more trustworthy in their opinion.

4.Another Day at the Pool

margot pandone qrXPk89erXA unsplashLive streaming by the pool is a great shot for your live. If you have a variety of bathing suits to pick from, engage your audience with a bikini poll. By letting your audience pick your pool outfit, they will feel as if they are a part of your vacation. Even if you are not bikini-ready, you can talk about self-love or a nonchalant attitude towards having the so-called “perfect” pool body. This can spark an important conversation among your followers, while encouraging your followers to live in the moment. By showing acceptance with the small things, you will be displaying great confidence.

5.Influencer on Public Transportation

fabrizio verrecchia C6HwEhYgPKM unsplashTraveling in a new place isn’t just about catching the right flight, you will have to learn how to navigate your way around the city. For example, you’re visiting a big city, understanding the subway system is crucial. Share these experiences with your audience. Live stream buying a weekly metrocard from the machine, show how to use one at the turnstile, etc. Whether you film the yellow cabs in New York or the classic black cabs in London, your audience will appreciate gaining insights about new cities. Additionally, as you travel, you will experience many different cultures. After getting permission, feel free to live stream breakdancers, singing performances and other acts you encounter, while on public transportation.

6.Hotel Room Service

patrick tomasso IDN8NVELy0E unsplashDon’t feel like going outside for dinner? Live stream your room service experience. Show your audience the hotel menu and share with them your thoughts. Your followers could help you pick what to order for dinner. This might gnite a conversation regarding healthy options versus splurging on meals. You could also ask a series of questions to engage your viewers. For example, what was their favorite room service experience? What should you never order from a room service menu? What is the protocol if they bring you the wrong order? Should you tip? If so, how much is enough? Should you call to have your tray picked up, or should you put it outside of your door?

7.Landmarks and Special Sightings

hans m ytylFyP0Ocw unsplashRecord every landmark that you visit, even if it’s only for a few minutes. This will help your viewers to get a sense of how you are enjoying your vacation. Live streaming special sightings will also allow them to learn about the city more indepth. Your account will help them make mental notes about historic landmarks so they know where to go during their own vacation.

8.Picking the Right Outfit

A vacation with poor wardrobe choices is a mistake for live streaming. At the start of the vacation day, ask your audience for advice on what to wear. Give them the weather update and explain your plans for the day. You may not agree to wear what they would like, but it would make for interesting content. Throw in shoes and accessories as well. You could also ask your audience for styling tips, including makeup and hairstyles. If you are a beauty expert online, then live streaming a vacation beauty tutorial might be a great live for you.

9. Freedom of Vacation as an Influencer

oliver schwendener 8g 6T26Iidc unsplashEveryone loves a relaxing vacation. However, what if your vacation is a part of your work? If you’re an influencer who travels for a living, then documenting this process would be interesting for your audience to see. You might be someone who is fortunate enough to have the freedom to travel, while working. If this is the case, then showing your lifestyle in action may motivate your audience. During a live video, talk to your followers about how you were able to accomplish freedom at work. Your audience may be interested in adapting a similar lifestyle that includes working remotely.

10. Drinks with Friends or Family

influencer drinksCapturing the perfect moment can said about taking photographs. Going live is more about documenting your life. If you’re out for drinks near the beach or a new restaurant, while on vacation, go live. Even though your audience can’t taste the drink, they might appreciate the fun vibes and cool atmosphere. You could even play a drinking game with your audience by doing a live Q/A.

Additionally, your bartender could also willing to be filmed while preparing your drinks. He or she might also be a good sport and share some of their favorite drinks to prepare and recommendations for different types of drinkers.

11. Tourist Shopping As An Influencer

mostafa meraji X0yKdR F9rM unsplashA day shopping on the town could definitely get you views on your live stream, especially in a city like New York or Paris. If you’re a tourist and you have fashionistas as followers, then they would definitely want to see you shop in a new city. Show them the stores, the options, the works. If you have a limited spending budget, you don’t actually have to buy a new wardrobe. Window shopping could be just as entertaining. Don’t forget to zoom in on all of the prices for a point of reference.

12. Souvenir Shopping

Souvenir shopping may not seem all that interesting at first glance. However, if you are planning to do a giveaway, then why not incorporate your audience in the process? Many influencers include items in their giveaway that their followers would appreciate according to their brand. In addition to this, it would be nice to include a souvenir from your latest adventures, so the winner could feel as a part of your trip. When shopping, ask your followers during your live for souvenir suggestions.

13. Vacation Book Club

sophie elvis V31mEVXB9Ac unsplashAirports always sell magazines and books because people who travel have idle time. If you have time to relax, then maybe you would enjoy a nice beach read. If you have a bookstagram account, then going live on vacation about your latest read would be a fun addition. Share what books you are planning on reading during your holiday. Before you discuss any book on your live, be sure to mention that there are spoilers ahead. Your live might inspire people to purchase the books that you are recommending. If you are falling behind on your book list, let them know as well. They might inspire you to get caught up!

erik mclean i8uc8tZDrzs unsplashNot everyone is the museum-type. However, even non-museum types might enjoy a live stream capturing the highlights. If you’re bound to visit a museum or gallery in a new city, check if recording is allowed. If so, show your favorite pieces.

Afterwards, talk about how you felt about your visit and share what your thoughts were about the art or artifacts. Your audience is made up of people from diverse cultures with varying interests. By expanding your brand, you might inspire new people to become followers.

15. Q/A with Your Traveling Buddy

influencer friendsIf you’re traveling in a group or with a special friend or significant other, give them camera time. Your followers are interested in your life, and your traveling companions are included. Even if they are camera shy, you could refer to them throughout your trip and make them a part of the conversation. If they are willing to be on camera, do a live stream with your traveling buddy.

During a fun Q/A section, you could ask your traveling buddy about your friendship, traveling idiosyncrasies and more. Your audience will be able to get to know you better through the lenses of another person.

16. Influencer Promotion Day

toa heftiba 9vfFLjTlo5Y unsplashMany influencers have brand deals with various companies. If you have signed on to promote specific products, your vacation may be the perfect time to review them. Schedule a day to record a live stream with your promotions, urging your followers to check out your products.

After giving your honest reviews, you could include your special codes, etc. for your audience to use when purchasing. Since you are on vacation, you will have a variety of options of where you could film for a great backdrop. Choose wisely before promoting your items.

17. Last Day of Vacation

Parting is such sweet sorrow, the saying goes. However, you can capture so much on your last day of vacation. End it with bang, or spend the last day reminiscing about the good times you experienced on holiday. Your followers could share their favorite moments of you on vacation. Additionally, you could also ask your followers where would they like to see you visit next. Even though your viewers are not paying for your vacation, their input is valuable when it comes to creating new content.

18. Landing Home

ross parmly rf6ywHVkrlY unsplashOnce you arrive at your local airport, it may be late, but you should live stream your arrival. Even though this live stream may not be as interesting as the rest, your followers can see how you travel. Do you have makeup on? Are you wearing sweats? Are you crabby, sleepy or excited to be home? Do you get on the taxi line or catch a bus? Also, if not that many people join your live, then you’ll be able to give more people attention from your live.

19. Recap: Money Spent

Show me the money! After your vacation is said and done, you should recap your vacation with your followers and discuss the overall expenses. If you spent a lot, then your audience will know how much they have to save in order to experience something similar. If you were thrifty, then they have a model as to how they should travel on a budget. Either way, transparency on your live will allow your followers to connect with you and respect you for your authenticity.

Influencer vacation live streaming can be overwhelming for the individual in front of the camera. However, if you have a plan mapped out, it will become more manageable. No matter what you decide to film on your live, the possibilities are endless. Your main focus should always be to bring value to your followers. If your audience buys into you, then your live stream will always be on brand.

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