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Innovating education with live streaming is a current trend that will allow academia to flourish. With the recent emphasis on communication and health, live streaming provides comfort, convenience and reach that otherwise would not be possible. If you’re a stakeholder at a university, then consider innovating education with the use of live video. Live talks, internship search events and recruiting sessions can make or break your students’ future plans. Assist your student body by making other stakeholders and gatekeepers more accessible.

Innovative Education

innovating educationIf you are already using live streaming throughout your university, then you are ahead of the curve. However, in order to stay competitive, it is essential to stay abreast of the new features that can make a difference in the lives of your students. For example, live streaming capabilities at Contentflow allow you to include subtitles, edit during the live, share excerpts in real-time and more. The snackable content, which is short, can be the perfect amount of detail for busy students. The Embeddable Video Player allows you to rewind during the live stream. This can help students who are multitasking to not miss a beat.

Internship Connections

Canva Close up of Man Using Mobile PhoneAccess to external stakeholders, such as business owners, human resource professionals, executives and managers is vital to students. Creating virtual events will allow more students across the university to learn of more opportunities across different disciplines. If an event is live streamed, then students will be able to participate and interact directly with the panel and/or hosts. The Interactions feature will enable students to leave comments and questions for the speakers during the live. These interactive sessions can help students build a rapport with the representative of their choice.

Live School Events

Canva Iphone Displaying Social Media ApplicationIn addition to graduations, college town halls and classes, there are a variety of live school events that your students could benefit from attending virtually. For example, student groups could hold their sessions virtually, reaching students who are studying abroad or not living on campus. The use of live streaming could prove to be very beneficial for commuter students. Because they live off campus, they often miss many events. However, live video can help make them feel more inclusive and allow them to connect with other students. For colleges who are following the hybrid learning model, which features virtual and in-person classes, live video can assist with making classes more interactive. Live streaming with Contentflow will also allow instructors to cut and edit the content during the live. They are also able to share excerpts during the live, which is an innovative way of sharing academic materials.

Innovating Education Everywhere

Perhaps you have educational content that you would like to share to the masses. From culinary to medical expertise, there is a large variety of professions that people would tune in to learn more about. Through live streaming with Contentflow, you can further reach your network, expanding your bandwidth of viewers. Whether it’s using the Interactive feature, allowing students to ask questions, or the Multistream, allowing you to stream your live to multiple social media platforms simultaneously, live video can only improve education with innovation.