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Live streaming has revolutionized how quickly people can access information. The rise of internet and social media have created an inevitable domino effect, increasingly shaping how viewers consume media. The days of waiting for the evening news or morning paper to get the breaking story are long gone. With the speed of internet, viewers want their news at the snap of a finger. Even a video that airs a few hours late can fall short of expectations. While there are different tactics to achieve consumer buy-in, media companies who answer on-demand requests from their audience win. They understand the importance of delivering time sensitive content, while providing immediate access through multiple social networks and outlets.

Utilizing History-Making Live Moments

Live NewsStreaming not only allows media companies to capitalize on popular media moments, it enables them to capture important moments in history, such as covering Austria’s Chancellor Kurz fall to the recent appointment of Brigitte Bierlein, the Supreme Constitutional Court Judge who was commissioned by Federal President Van der Bellen to form a government. Consequently, Bierlein is also Austria’s first female chancellor. Highlighting moments like these position media companies at the top of their competition. For example, ARD (who hosts Tagesschau – a German national and international television news service) utilized Contentflow’s services to bring this breaking news to 10+ million viewers.

Maintaining Brand Identity with New Live Feature

Graphic Overlay FeatureAs breaking news events happen on a regular basis, maintaining the corporate identity and branding on several channels can become quite a challenge. Contentflow is helping media companies achieve this by providing an easy-to-use-interface. The cornerbug can be easily added to every live stream on all public channels, maintaining brand integrity. The graphic overlay feature allows content producers to concentrate on what they do best: produce amazing content. Contentflow users can take this content, enrich it with meta-data or add branding and static overlay graphics (even channel-specific) on top of the stream and multicast it out to an unlimited amount of platforms at the same time. (See right corner of photo).

Other Live Streaming Components

Contentflow provides its media partners with the tools, bandwidth and ability to increase their viewership without affecting their marketing budget or struggling with complicated technology to achieve their goals.

In addition to the graphic overlay, other exclusive features include:

  • An Embeddable Video Player (allows rewinding of stream in real time);
  • Restream (enables distribution of stream among multiple platforms simultaneously);
  • Audience Analytics (collects viewer data including number of streams and provides geolocation map); and
  • Cloud-Based editing (allows immediate editing, cutting and sharing while streaming).

Social NetworksWith these premier features in Contentflow’s live video services, users from a variety of industries can easily utilize this all-in-one live streaming platform to distribute live content across their social channels, including their own website, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, etc.

Moreover,  the platform allows them to increase reach, engagement and revenue. For example, media professionals utilize Contentflow to help them achieve a long-standing relationship with the end consumer.

Staying Competitive

Finding the right video streaming technology that captures live moments but also allows the consumer to edit in real-time has been a game-changer for media companies. One of the key factors is access to the speed.  Contentflow enables media companies to effortlessly perform video streaming 24/7. This positions respective broadcasts at the top of their game as their news coverage will remain current and accessible.

Without a streaming platform that provides the right capabilities to handle live content, media companies would be at a disadvantage when competing within journalism as well as staying as a relevant form of media. There is a reason why newspapers have fallen from grace. If you would like to stay competitive in today’s market and learn more about our live streaming services, contact us  today for a demo. Contentflow helps media companies to continue to win in 2019.

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