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Nonprofits and individual giving begin with the state of charity. Development professionals are tasked with building a viable list of prospective donors and constituents. These people are the ones who are on the receiving end of email campaigns, social media campaigns, direct mail campaigns and many other “please support our organization” campaigns. From capital campaigns to donor acquisition activities, development staff have their hands full with donor responsibilities. However, before you get to that part, there’s another part that is just as important. A combination of effective stewardship and live streaming can take a donor relationship to the next level in so many ways.

Nonprofits that Stream the Process

christiann koepke x Es0t05qZ8 unsplashDo you think your donors know what happens in the office? Probably not. Unless your donors are in the business of sales or development, they probably have no idea what you do. But wouldn’t they like to know? Some donors might prefer to keep it simple. However, just as many might want to know what happens behind the scenes. Next time, you have a campaign, live stream the creative process.

For example, how did your Communications department decide on using that specific image for the campaign? Who wrote the text? Why did you use that specific success story? What is the campaign for? Why does your nonprofit need support right now? Show the truth to your donors so they can rally behind you. 

If you are in the middle of a direct mail campaign, why not live stream the envelope stuffing process? This might help your donors appreciate the administrative work of the nonprofit as well as the program. Live stream the process from beginning to end so they can have complete transparency.

Donations Starting with $1

nonprofits $1Every dollar counts. The great part about live streaming your content is it makes the donors equal. For example, the donor who donates a $1 via text-to-donate will receive the same insider information as the one who one who raises her hand at the gala for $500. By using Contentflow, nonprofits have the opportunity to not only increase reach with its many features but to also increase revenue in the process. More people reached will lead to a greater profit, including dollars, community support and volunteer efforts.

Major Donors $500 and Up

alexander mils lCPhGxs7pww unsplashIf your organization has a good number of individuals who are considered “Major Donors,” then your nonprofit is doing well in terms of fundraising. In order to keep these individuals engaged, inquire about what is important for them to know about. You want to keep these individual donors abreast about anything that matters to them. For example, they may want information regarding the latest participants’ progress, or they may want to know about the latest supporters to commit to the cause.

Because everyone varies in interests and priorities, it is necessary to check with each donor. However, if you choose to live stream the important milestones in your nonprofit, then you will have all of your bases covered. For the most part, people want to be held accountable. Major donors want to be cultivated. They want to be feel needed. Live video can show them in real time why their support is valuable.

Reading the book Raving Fans by Kenneth Blanchard and Sheldon M. Bowles may prove helpful for how to better fine tune your donor management practices. Even Tony Robbins discusses how Amazon and Apple have created raving fans for their products through their brands. There is no better way to increase your nonprofit’s favorability than to reach more people with its mission. By live streaming, nonprofits can increase awareness among their target audience. The results of live video are undeniable. More donors, foundations and corporations will want to be a part of your culture. Live video allows you to create a community that cares about not only the end result but the process of building the results as a team.

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