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Up for a Quiz? Perhaps, your job requires you to live stream. Maybe it’s the marketing department that makes you do it. However, it could also be a self-imposed action that you do for the good of your business. Whatever your reason is for live streaming, are you comfortable in front of the camera? 

What is the Purpose of the Quiz?

cool contentAt the end of the quiz, you will be able to identify your live streaming comfort level. With this awareness, you will know how to improve your ease on screen so you can make fresh content.

Without feeling a sense of confidence and ease during your live stream, you will lack the ability to truly connect with your viewers.

Once you develop the courage to execute your purpose via live stream, you are on your way to getting consumer buy-in.

So, Are You Ready to Take the Quiz?

Question 1: How Often Do You Do Impromptu Live Streams?

  1. Anytime I want!
  2. Sometimes.
  3. Not if I can help it, but I’ll do it.
  4. Never – I need to plan all of my live streams.

Question 2: How Long Is the Typical Length of Your Live Stream?

  1. 20 minutes or more.
  2. Maybe 10 minutes.
  3. No more than 5 minutes.
  4. I’m happy when there’s connectivity problem that kicks me off after 1 minute, but I feel disappointed in myself.

Question 3: Do You Enjoy Being a Guest on Another Person’s Live Stream?

  1. I love being a guest contributor.
  2. Yes, I feel more comfortable on another’s person live because it’s not up to me to create the content.
  3. It’s OK, but not my favorite.
  4. I don’t like doing it at all.

Question 4: What Is Your Content Style?

  1. Document, document, document.
  2. I create original material for every live stream. I spend a lot of time planning, and I like the outcome approximately 75% of the time.
  3. OK, I plan out my live streams, but when I get on camera, I go blank.
  4. I have great, creative ideas but I struggle with planning my live streams. I should plan them because getting in front of the camera makes me nervous.

Question 5: How is Your Diction on Your Live Stream? Is it Good?

  1. Yes, I speak well and get my point across with no problem.
  2. Eh, I stumble a little, but just keep going with the rest of the live.
  3. Barely. I stutter and find it difficult to concentrate.
  4. No, I barely say anything and get off as soon as I can.

Question 6: Do You Like Engaging with the Viewers?

  1. Yes, I always read the comments, reply during the live and try to make it as interactive as possible.
  2. Yes, I occasionally read the comments and answer questions.
  3. No, I feel awkward when I don’t know how to reply to comments during the live.
  4. Ugh, I don’t enjoy interacting with the viewers. I want to, but I get too nervous.

Question 7: Do you have a live streaming provider who you trust?

  1. Yes, I use Contentflow! I love the special features, such as the embeddable video player, graphic overlay and cloud-based editing. 
  2. Yes, but there are many glitches. I am looking for a new provider.
  3. No, I’m not sure what’s the best technology out there.
  4. Not yet. I’m not too interested in marketing at the moment to invest in a live streaming service.

Scoring System

isabell winter lzYZEDJ8fbo unsplashMostly 4s: You are terrified of live streaming but understand the importance of going live. In order to better prepare yourself for the experience, start meditating and breathing a few minutes before streaming. There are also effective tapping exercises that might help with your anxiety. If you handle your nervous energy, you will feel better about getting in front of the camera. You may also want to start off with very short live streams (under 1 minute) so you can become more comfortable. For example, you can update your viewers with brief announcements, share updates, etc.

live stream quizMostly 3s: You don’t hate live streaming, but it’s not really your thing. You try to do the best you can, but often find yourself stressed about content and delivery. You can improve your live stream content by reviewing what your goals are for your channel. Why do you live stream? Is it build a greater connection with your audience? If so, remember that authenticity matters. Don’t judge your content. Your audience will decide what’s good and what’s not. Try confidence-building exercises, such as saying affirmations, taking action and practicing self-compassion.

education1Mostly 2s: You’re not a complete live streaming natural, but you don’t care! When you make a decision to do something, you do it. Even though you don’t love the camera 100%, you take it very seriously. One tip for creating better content is to trust the process. Sometimes, a five-second clip about how hot it is in Louisiana will work better than a behind-the-scenes look into Mardi Gras. Trust your instincts but also invite innovation into your life by documenting your journey.


eye for ebony OeXcIHFwtsM unsplashMostly 1s: You are a live streaming rock star! You love the camera, and the camera loves you. You understand live streaming and put in the effort to grow your audience. Engagement is a key factor for you, so you invest in your audience through various streaming activities. Even though you could probably teach a live streaming class, one tip is to cross-promote and cross-feature other content creators. 

What’s Next?

Now, that you’ve read your quiz results, it’s time to put in the work. If you feel like you’ve outgrown live streaming via your own phone or laptop, call in the big guns. When you need professional services to reach a wider amount of viewers, don’t hesitate to contact Contentflow. We’re always available for a demo and would be happy to discuss your live streaming needs with you. 


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