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Shareholder meetings are very vital to investors. As communication methods have experienced many advances in such a short time, live streaming has also become a feasible, affordable option. Hosting a live stream for shareholders across the country is a smart way of providing safe, effective company updates. Because of the current climate, it is essential for public companies to broaden their methods of communicating with their investors.

How Companies Are Moving Forward

shareholderMany public companies are opting to hold their annual shareholder meetings solely on an online platform. Others have decided to do a hybrid version, which includes in-person participation from company leadership and principal investors with online participation from investors. While virtual-only meetings have traditionally been audio-only, there has been a recent shift in the last several months to incorporate live streaming. Live video has helped many increases the board’s accountability while maintaining a level of professionalism and transparency.

Why Using an Embeddable Video Player Works

arlington research nFLmPAf9dVc unsplashContentflow offers an Embeddable Video Player feature, which allows the audience to rewind the live stream at any point in time. They can also watch the meeting in a high variety of resolutions. By doing this, you are enabling your audience to stay abreast of new learnings in order to pose educated questions during the Q/A portion of the meeting.

Using the Multi-Stream Feature

If you would like to stream your shareholder meeting across multiple platforms to reach different audiences, we can help you distribute your stream to several accounts at the same time. Whether it’s one platform or five, this feature can easily assist you in simultaneous streaming. Additionally, the stream also includes high-quality, live subtitles.

Understanding Your Audience

Canva Close up of Man Using Mobile PhoneOur services provide Audience Analytics. With this comprehensive feature, you can see how many users have viewed your shareholder meeting stream at any time. You can also pull a geolocation heatmap to show you a visual illustration of where your viewers are located across the country.

Other Features

In addition to analyzing your audience, Cloud-Based Editing helps you to edit, cut and share excerpts, while streaming. You may not choose to edit or cut content from your meeting. However, being able to share excerpts in real time may prove highly valuable. Our Live Cutter also allows you to create snackable content from your live stream to export or publish, while streaming. We can also supply you with a great way to create specific branding for your live. Our Static Overlay Graphic allows you to add your logo to your live stream, helping to highlight a consistent brand.

Shareholder Meeting Questions

oleg magni E7FYfLSy9KM unsplashAfter the shareholder meeting opens the floor for investor questions, it would be a convenient option to use our Text-Chat-Widget. It would enable people to submit written questions for the moderated discussion portion of the meeting. With use of this widget, your investors would be able to properly prepare for the Q/A, avoiding repetitive questions.

If you are interested in enhancing your shareholder meetings with live streaming capabilities that will only streamline the experience, contact Contentflow today for a free demo.


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