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Snapchat still rules supreme for the youth. Many young people exchange Snap info before asking for each other’s number when giving out their contact information to new acquaintances. Businesses who are targeting a younger demographic should spend time maximizing the benefits of Snapchat. Live streaming on Snapchat is a great feature for communicating, especially when you would like to change up the vibe with cool, new filters.

But First, What Are the Numbers Exactly?

snapchatOver 190 million daily active users worldwide are on Snapchat, according to a recent 2019 report on Seventy-one percent of users are under 34 years old, including 45% who are 18 to 24 years old. This makes the video app a great source for engaging a younger demographic, according to Hootsuite. Additionally, Snapchat users stream approximately 3 billion videos a day, spending almost 30 minutes on the platform daily. With numbers like these, it is essential for brands to understand how to utilize this social media platform.

Snapchat’s New Filters

Live a little. Try using their Snap Camera application if you are interested in making your Face-cam more interesting and fun. First, download the Snap Camera onto your computer. Then, open the program and check out the many Snapchat filters available for use. You can even preview them to see how they look before you commit to a filter. Next, add the filter of your choice to your live stream.

Adding a New Webcam Source on Snapchat

Snap3Click on the plus sign (+) under “Sources” and “Video Capture Device” on OBS Studio. Then, you have to name your source, click “OK.” Afterwards, select “Snap Camera” from the “Device” drop-down menu. Once you complete this step, you will see that the Snap Camera has been added to your preview window. Additionally, Snap Camera allows you to be flexible with moving around filters with “hot keys.” Feel free to use the red outline to resize it, if needed. Then, you will be ready to live stream! 

Nothing is stopping you from enjoying these filters during your live stream now that you know how to incorporate them. Easy, simple but very essential, these filters allow you to mimic the behavior of your target consumer, allowing them to further connect with you as a brand. You can’t learn about trending social media platforms from afar. It is important to be a practitioner. Feel free to exchange Snap info during your next business meeting!


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