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Social media is a vehicle that encourages a strong sense of community. Nonprofits need community in order to motivate individuals to care about their cause. Whether your nonprofit organization is hosting a gala or a small luncheon to cultivate donors, there are specific moments that should be captured on live. If you capture these moments, it will position your organization in a positive way. It will strengthen your nonprofit’s reputation among both those who attended and those who watched remotely.

Social Media andPrep Work

social media eventBefore your fundraiser starts is a good time is start live streaming. Audiences love to see “before and after” pictures, such as home, beauty and wardrobe makeovers.

There’s something to be said about the “magical wand” syndrome. Donors like to believe that they are a little bit of fairytale dust. With their help, magic can happen.

If you show an empty room with no decorations, the audience will be even more amazed when they tune in later. Also, this gives you the opportunity to highlight your staff as they work to get the event on its way.

Step and Repeat 

mika baumeister XAt8JNBu87E unsplashEveryone enjoys a red carpet affair. Even if there isn’t a glamorous entry to your fundraiser, you have to capture your Step and Repeat on social media. Live video will allow your audience to see everyone dressed up and ready for the event. Typically, attendees show up at fundraisers with their best foot forward. People at home will feel a bit of FOMO and make a mental note to attend the next event. The best part about live streaming your guests at the Step and Repeat is that it eliminates the problem of bad photos. Even if you have a great photographer, not every picture will be stellar one. Live streaming your event will allow everyone to have their moment, accurately depicting them on film for everyone to see.

Opening Remarks

OK, the fundraiser has started, and everyone is ready to experience a wonderful event. However, your virtual audience may be at work or in their pajamas at home. The event might be the furthest thing from their mind. However, with the help of social media and live video, you can grab their attention. If you take advantage of live streaming, it will encourage people to pay attention to what’s coming next. Live streaming the opening remarks on social media will also increase the amount of people who will tune in to the live auction, which will help the bottom line. 

Special Performance on Social Media

noiseporn JNuKyKXLh8U unsplashIf you have a celebrity performance at your fundraiser, there is no doubt that you should live stream the performance. Also, you could also obtain approval to add that performer’s social media accounts to live stream to the greater audience. By using a multi-functional live streaming service, such as Contentflow, you will be able to stream from 100+ social media platforms and accounts to anyone and everywhere in the world. By live streaming a celebrity performance, you are offering a bonus feature to your virtual audience. For example, if the singer chooses to do a special rendition of a song or sing something exclusive from their album, this gives the audience an exclusive look through your channel. 

Speech of the Night

simon maage KTzZVDjUsXw unsplashWhether it’s a young person, a survivor, an influential speaker or the CEO, you should always live stream the main speeches of the night.

Not only do speeches tug on the heartstrings of the audience, it allows people to better understand why supporting the mission is important. Without capturing the speeches, the audience is left to figure out on their own how they fit into the equation.

Live video helps the virtual audience to have a “call to action,” prompting them to act with urgency. It is easy to be a passive watcher of an event. However, a good speech will propel donors forward, helping the fundraiser to become a bigger success. 

Live Auction

social media auctionLive streaming your live auction through social media is a great way to increase participation from not only your audience, but your virtual supporters. For example, if you live stream on YouTube and utilize the SuperChat option, your supporters can donate through there. This allows people who might not have able to afford a gala ticket to still support your organization. By opening the live auction with live streaming, you might be able to add more contributions without doing any extra work. 

Nonprofit organizations that utilize social media and live streaming during their events allow their audience to experience joy. Because most causes are rooted in finding solutions for problems, the audience often doesn’t get to see the good part. By live streaming speeches that highlight the good work and success, donors can truly feel how good it is to be a part of the organization. Without live video, donors would have to rely on still images and word of mouth on the day after. Additionally, live video allows people who care about the organization to feel like they belong. Because so much of the work may be behind the scenes, live streaming presents a sense of inclusivity. Once people feel like they belong to a club, they will want to stay and do their very best to maintain a good standing. 


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