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Tourism can always attract more customers and travelers with the use of live video. Did you know that video content uploaded in a single month is more than all three main U.S. TV networks combined have produced in 30 years? If the tourism industry, including accommodation, adventure recreation, events, food and beverage and transportation, learned how to incorporate live video in their marketing, then their customer base would improve throughout the peak seasons. By improving your video streaming quality on YouTube, you will be taking the first step to ensuring optimal buy-in from your audience. Now, after you’ve selected a good camera, how do you improve your video streaming quality? First, start with setting up your live streaming encoder.

Why Tourism Content Creators Should Download an Encoding Software

tourismAn encoder is a device or an application which converts your content into a digital format to stream on YouTube. There are encoders that are stand-alone devices. These encoders take audio and video signal from a PC or camera, while other encoders are software applications running on a PC that captures video from the computer or webcam. Depending on your tourism niche and bandwidth, you may choose to live stream via encoding versus webcam streaming. For example, if you would like to share your screen, use external audio or video hardware or manage an advanced production, then you may consider using an encoder. Additionally, with every encoder, you can also stream to only ONE single RTMP signal to Contentflow, a comprehensive live streaming platform that all tourism groups could use to maximize reach and revenue.

Utilize YouTube Live Verified Software

As mentioned previously, there are various types of encoders. You should select one according to the needs of your live stream and staff. When you are live streaming via YouTube, it is essential to use encoders that are YouTube verified. Before you choose an encoder, it is also very important to evaluate the functionality and compatibility of each one.

Software Encoders

tourism 1Some software encoders include: Open Broadcaster Software, Stage Ten, Streamlabs OBS, X Split Broadcaster, XSplit Gamecaster and Wirecast. If you have windows or MAC, then you should look into Wirecast. It is a user-friendly live streaming and production software. It allows you to stream directly to YouTube or any RTMP destination. Additionally, it is able to add cameras, titles, graphics, live screenshots, etc. with only the click of a button. You can also easily use the click-and-drag option to reposition and resize. This software works particularly well with YouTube API, allowing you to design, manage and schedule your live streams without exiting the app.

Hardware Encoders

tourismSome hardware encoders include: AirServer, Epiphan Webcaster X2, LiveU Solo, SlingStudio and Teradek VidiU Pro. Each of these encoders have different strengths and capabilities. For example, for any HDMI device, you can use Epiphan Webcaster X2. This encoder creates professional live streams from your camera, console, mixer or other devices, allowing you to connect your USB camera for live switching. Additionally, the Teradek VidiU Pro streams on the go from any HDMI video source, providing optimal broadcast quality.


Mobile Encoders

benjaminrobyn jespersen Ai9 QJaZfMc unsplashSome mobile encoders include: AirServer, Streamlabs OBS and Wirecast Go. If you choose to use Wirecast Go, you will be able to download the encoder for free from the iOS Apple Store. It can easily produce live broadcasts from your iPhone and stream directly onto YouTube. With this encoder, you can add photos, graphics, etc. up to three layers. You can also read YouTube comments, while chatting in real time and interacting with your audience. If you’re in tourism and are streaming on your mobile, then this encoder might be a great fit for your needs.

Once you’ve decided on the encoder that you will use, you can start designing your content. Contentflow allows you to use your encoder of choice along with its own technology. As tourism is an industry with a great variety of niches, your live stream can cover an unlimited amount of material. With the right equipment, you can ensure that your audience will be able to receive the most high quality live stream that you can offer.

Also, if you utilize Contentflow, you can restream to an unlimited amount of RTMP destinations or social media platforms. By doing so, you would only need to use your bandwidth once during your live stream. Choosing Contentflow enables you to have top quality live streaming without making any sacrifices; it will make live streaming accessible and professional at an affordable cost. Contact Contentflow for your free demo today.

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