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Twitch donations are more common among the top accounts because they utilize multiple features during their live streams. Twitch users who ask for donations do not have to be spammers. There are a few creative ways to raise funds for your account as live streaming on social media platforms can be lucrative once you get the support of your followers. However, remember if you don’t ask, you won’t receive. Many of your followers might not think to donate because it’s not an option. Instead of expecting your followers to take the initiative, encourage your Twitch viewers to give. 

Twitch Donations As a “Thank You”

Twitch donationsBecause of your content, many viewers might want to donate as a form of gratitude. By verbally thanking your donors during a stream, it will spread a sense of community among your channel. Also, it will remind others to donate during the stream. Acknowledging donors in real time allows them to be publicly recognized. If they have a channel of their own, this can serve as a promotion tool.

How to Enable Donations

First, click on your profile option and find “my selling tools.” Next, go to “Paypal Buttons” and click on the “Update” option. Then, you can click on the link that prompts you to “Create New Button.” From there, you can select the type of button that you are looking to create. In this case, choose “Donation” from the options and type in the name of your Twitch Channel.

List of Supporters

twitchIncentivize your viewers by creating a list of donors on your Twitch profile page. Whether you have a small or large audience, this can help you gain more recognition among viewers by supporting the Twitch community. For example, if you create a “Top Five Donors” list, you might start a friendly competition among your viewers and supporters. 

Talk During Your Live Stream

If you seek Twitch donations on a regular basis, you might receive them. However, you will only receive repeat donations if you provide good content for your audience. It is essential to engage your audience in conversation. Choose a topic of the day. Go on a mini-rant about your day, if it is relevant to your channel and brand. Review a recent video game. Share the latest political or entertainment news that your audience is interested to hear. Ask questions of your viewers. By maintaining a strong sense of community among your viewers, they will feel more inspired to give to your channel.

Explain Your Goals

estee janssens aQfhbxailCs unsplashPeople are more likely to give when they know they are supporting a cause. If you intend on accomplishing something specific with the donations, share this information with the audience.

For example, do Twitch donations support you with your rent? Do they keep the channel going? Are you saving up for a new video game or purchasing a new laptop? In addition, how will your purchase support your Twitch channel? Connect the dots for your online audience so they can support with your donation, while you stream. 


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