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Vacation! Yes, it’s time to relax, but you’re feeling a bit anxious. Perhaps, you’ve made promises to certain family members or a significant other. You said that you weren’t going to work on this vacation. However, you are afraid that your social media will flatline in your absence. In addition to scheduling a few posts ahead of time via hootsuite, you can also use live stream to your advantage. While vacationing should be relaxing, who’s to say that live streaming on holiday is such a bad thing? Take out your phone and live stream for a few minutes during the highlights of your vacation, and your business will definitely benefit from it.

Vacation Oversharing is the New Sharing

conner baker wv4Pu Jjdbw unsplashEven if you are not an influencer on social media, businesses might still be willing to pay you to promote their products. For example, if you’re staying at a hotel, it could be in their best interest to receive as much promotion as possible. Talk to the manager and see if you can work out some kind of cross-promotion deal. Keep in mind that your family or traveling companion might not want to appear on your live stream. That’s ok because your audience does not necessarily need to see your personal relationships. You can show your room upon your arrival, the amenities, food, etc. Each of these streams can be under 5 minutes, which is enough time to share content with your audience, while not neglecting your companions.

Random Thoughts on Vacation

sylwia bartyzel CvE18K jr6k unsplashSometimes when you’re not working, your mind comes up with the best ideas. If you’re vacationing, you shouldn’t let this stop you from sharing. Get on live and share  your reflections and thoughts with your community. You might inspire someone. This person might be interested in interning for you after watching your live. Or, you could impact someone’s life on a greater scale. People enjoy seeing life through another person’s lenses. If you share yours, your audience will feel closer to you, and they will be interested in more of what of what you have to say. If you are able to get their attention and trust, then you have a better chance of creating a strong community. While sales remain important, brand will always be the foundation of sales. Live streaming on holiday will help you solidify your branding.

Self-Promotion Without Annoyance

the creative exchange J shueNor80 unsplashNo one wants to be the annoying person on live, the one who just sits there and doesn’t say much. If you’re on a beautiful beach or surrounded by great architecture, you may be tempted to fall into that trap. However, it is essential that you always bring value to your live stream.

Sharing the ambiance may be valuable as a form of entertainment or distraction. But, you should also create content on your live that ties into your business. For example, you can share your latest discount on your live stream. Or, you can announce an upcoming contest that will take place when you return (including your products and vacation-related items)!

Take a few minutes to promote your business on live every day of your vacation. Ten minutes per day is all it takes to develop a good relationship with your followers and contacts. Live streaming isn’t extra work when you are documenting your life, thoughts and career moves. Look at sharing with your followers as if you were texting each and every one of them individually. In the long haul, your audience will continue to support you and your products because you have built a brand of trust and community over time, even when you were on vacation.

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