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Viewership for your live stream can make or break your channel. If your audience isn’t incentivized to join your live stream, then they might miss out. Important news or a great broadcast isn’t something that you want your viewers to skip. Or, you may have pressing information that you would like your viewers to see. In that case, it is essential to know how to grow and maintain your audience.  Following a smart marketing plan will allow your next broadcasted live stream to generate more views and interaction, attracting more people to your content.

Interactive Viewership

viewership 1Many people view live streaming as a one-way conversation. However, that could not be further from the truth. The beauty about live streaming is that you can interact with your audience. You can respond to your comments during your live stream, allowing them to further connect with you. Additionally, on some social media channels, such as Instagram, you can allow viewers to join your live stream through “live requests.” Whether you are a journalist, media personality, entrepreneur, etc., your live stream is an excellent way to make your stamp on the broadcasting world. Each live stream can provide a unique experience for your audience. This experience can enable them to develop a better understanding of your brand.

Embedding Your Live

If you utilize an innovative live streaming platform, such as Contentflow, you will be granted more flexibility and visibility across your social media. For example, if you embed your live stream to multiple platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., your audience will be able to engage with your content more easily. Using Contentflow allows you to live stream to 100+ channels at the same time. If you are a small business or a fortune 500 company with multiple outlets, you will be able to utilize this platform without a hitch. Your content will be distributed to a greater number of users with multiple streams that take place simultanaeously.

Viewership Consistency

viewership 2Choosing a specific time to live stream can make all the difference. Before you select a time, do your research on different platforms for optimal time to go live. Once you choose a time and announce it, stick with it. Whether you are an influencer or up and coming marketer, a scheduled broadcast time will provide consistency. If you respect with your live audience by prioritizing your broadcast with punctuality, your viewers can know what to expect.  A daily or weekly scheduled live will allow your viewers to become regular viewers, increasing live attendance and participation.


When you have a live main event, you can lead up to the main event with live teasers. With short live streams, you can motivate your audience to tune in. It can serve as an engagement tool to remind your viewers about your upcoming live stream that they do not want to forget. This will also give you the opportunity to interact with your audience and get tips for how to engage them during the bigger event. A series short teasers can build up to a long live event. The longer the live, the more people have the chance of joining the event.

Tech Equipment

viewershipIf you haven’t live streamed because you’re overwhelmed by the intensity of the tech required, then you should look into a service that simplifies the process. The creators of Contentflow specifically developed this concept into an product from a need to provide optimal reach, convenience and efficiency. This platform addresses all live streaming needs at an affordable price without overextending staff. With Contentflow, you can use your laptop or cell phone with the encoder of your choice and have maximum capabilities. Contentflow has many different features that can improve your viewership, such as restream, graphic overlay, audience analytics and an embeddable video player. Many customers have utilized this platform and have greatly benefited from its multiple features. Contentflow even has cloud-based editing, which gives you the ability to edit, cut and share excerpts, while you are live.

On-Demand Video for New Viewership

marjan grabowski HgcdpLIa5jo unsplashOnce your live event is over, that doesn’t mean that the live stream should be hidden from those who cannot attend. Make your live accessible by uploading it as a video on demand. This way, your audience can see your past live streams at their convenience. This will allow new followers to digest your content on their own time. If they become interested in learning more about your services, they will most likely to check out your next live stream.

However, be mindful that on-demand videos do not receive as much attention as live ones. For example, someone might spend an hour watching a live stream but only three minutes on a pre-recorded video. Viewers tend to stay more engaged during a live stream. Immediacy and interaction between the creator and viewer create longer-lasting views. While micro on-demand video can be quite successful, you should know when and where to upload for optimal results.

Positive Energy

austin distel wD1LRb9OeEo unsplashPeople watch live streams for a variety of reasons. They may be seeking entertainment or information. They also may just be curious. No matter the reason why someone might purposely or even accidentally tune in to your live stream, your content should be informative and genuine. By staying accroding to brand, your viewership will appreciate your content. The content that you produce will shape your viewership’s expectations.

By utilizing these live streaming tips, you will be in better shape to increase your audience participation. More engagement will lead to a higher retention rate. First, you create engaging content. Then, you have to maintain consistency all around to lock in your audience. Once you have earned their buy-in, you can work on how to improve the quality of your live, while you measure your impact.

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