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Virtual conferences have certainly been on the rise. Not only do they provide a sense of comfort and safety, they provide ease and convenience. Implement a virtual conference, and you’ll expand your audience greater than you would with an in-person event. However, before you make the jump to 100% virtual, think about how you can take your event to the next level.

1. Virtual Audience

virtual conferenceWhere is your audience? Do you have one platform that your audience tends to frequent? Is your social media diversified? Sometimes, people are conflicted with choosing a platform to stream from; however, with Contentflow, this is not an issue. Because of our Media Player, you can stream live across many different platforms.

With this feature, your live stream can be distributed to all social media platforms from Facebook to Twitch simultaneously. Of course, in addition to these platforms, your live stream would also be streamed from your website. This feature allows you to focus on your content instead of trying to choose between platforms to stream. This way, your audience can follow your live no matter the platform of their choosing.

2. Hearing-Impaired Audience

virtual audienceAre you ensuring that all of your potential viewers can view your stream? What about those who are at work and can only read the screen? Or, how about the hearing-impaired? Think about selecting a service that can address different needs that your audience may have. Contentflow offers automatically generated live-subtitles for every live stream. They appear automatically with the live stream, allowing all viewers to follow.

3. Branding Purposes

Have you considered how to brand your live stream? Without strong marketing, your live stream might not reap the benefits that it should. The goal of your live stream is to inform, educate or share. However, a secondary goal should be for the audience to remember you weeks and months after the live stream is over. Help your audience to remember you by choosing a provider that can support your marketing. Contentflow allows you to add your company logo and specific branding to your live stream, so you can stay top of mind.

4. Interactive Conversations

Canva Gray Laptop Computer Near Journals 1What type of virtual conference will you be hosting? Will it be interactive? If so, consider a provider that prioritizes interactions within their offerings. When a virtual conference is a two-way street, the results are stronger. Attendees who interact are more likely to benefit more than just watching. Also, even if a participant is not interacting directly with the hosts, the option allows them to feel seen and taken in account, which goes a long way. At Contentflow, you can add a text-chat-widget to moderate discussion among your community, which will give your virtual conference a good boost in engagement.

5. Rewind!

Everyone knows the feeling when they want to rewind, but they can’t! No attendee of yours has to experience this if you choose Contentflow as your provider. The Embeddable Video Player allows you to rewind the live stream at any point, while watching your content in high resolution. With Contentflow, your audience does not have to compromise convenience for quality. Contact Contentflow today for a free demo.