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Virtual events have been consistently growing in numbers over the past several months, according to Forbes. With the rise of virtual events, live streaming is now getting more attention than ever before. While there are many competing software companies, it is best to invest in one that provides the clearest solution for your event. Before choosing the right option, think about what you need in a successful live event.

Are Virtual Events the Real Thing?

live stream churchSure, an in-person event has its benefits. However, virtual ones have their share of advantages as well. For starters, your audience can participate in a virtual event from the comfort of their home. They don’t have to dress up, hire a babysitter, or invest in transportation to attend your event. However, that doesn’t mean that your participants will hold your virtual event to a lesser standard. Being prepared is only half the battle, it is essential to prioritize effective communication and streaming for an optimal experience. Your viewers deserve a live stream that makes them feel connected to the speakers and content.

What Do Your Participants Want?

Your participants want to enjoy an event as if they were there in person, which means they would like to be seen. Our features allow you to increase engagement among participants. For example, our Interactions feature enriches your live stream by adding our “text-chat-widget” for virtual discussions, questions, etc. Additionally, your participants want to have their cake and eat it too. Yes, they want to watch your livestream from the comfort of their home, but they also want to be able to rewind your stream. With our Embeddable Media Player, your audience won’t miss a beat.

How You Can Grow Virtual Events With Live Streaming

hermes rivera AaqcxqvI08I unsplashLive video can help you expand your audience because it provides a greater level of convenience. By using our Audience Analytics, you can optimize retention by deciphering more of your audience data. For example, our geolocation heatmap shows you where your participants are located.

If you would like to capture as many attendees as possible, Contentflow is a good match for you as we can stream to many platforms simultaneously. Our Multistream capability allows live streaming across platforms, including your website, other sites, and social media platforms, from Facebook to Twitch. This feature is rare in the industry but highly valued as it promotes growth, consistency, and accessibility without added stress.

Even though the concept of virtual events is not a new thing, the way in which they are being used is fairly new. With Contentflow, we can show you the new, innovative ways of utilizing live video. In today’s market where virtual conferences are competing for attention, you should know how you can stay on top. With our free demo, we will show you all of our features and see which ones would add value to your events. Contact Contentflow today, and you will learn more about our features, including our Live Cutter to create snackable content and exclusive branding options.



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