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Stackable Content M&MsSnackable content is the gateway content for more. This content is meant to hook you within 30 seconds. Just as it’s nearly impossible to eat just a single M&M, snackable content makes it hard not to watch. If you have one M&M, you’re bound to have more even if your intention wasn’t to eat the full bag right away. Whoever had the idea to turn a large bar of chocolate into a bag of colorful button-shaped candy to eat at your own leisure had the right idea about consumer behavior. Today, potential buyers are interested in experiential content, says This high-quality content (images, video or slideshows) stimulates a feeling of excitement and interest in the consumer. 

But What Is Snackable Content Exactly?

Digital snackable content is easily digestible, engaging content that will feed an audience hungry for visually-stimulating content. This material can either spark conversation, tug at heartstrings or create a yearning for more information. The most effective snackable content is attention-grabbing, emotional and visual. The ideal customer for snackable content lives on their mobile device.

Understanding the Consumer

Target Audience- BMWConsumers might know that there is a bullseye on their bank account depending on the product being advertised. For example, if you’re an upper middle class or upper class professional between the ages of 30 and 50, you’re BMW’s target audience, according to And that fact may not come as a surprise. However, being the target audience for a business doesn’t automatically coax the potential customer into wanting to consume your content. Smart companies like BMW understand this, and their marketing strategy reflects that they value their audience. It is important to provide value. These days, the attention of the average consumer is very short. Therefore, even live stream content has to be accommodating and considerate of this change, hence snackable content.

Live Streaming Snackable Content

oleg magni 1370184 unsplashForty-seven percent of live video audiences consumed more video in 2018 than in the previous year, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and that number continues to grow. You have to understand the routine of your consumer in order to know what works best for them.

For example, if your target consumer is a stay-at-home mother of three, she may be too busy for a 30-minute video. From dropping off the kids at school, standing on the line at the grocery store to sitting in traffic, etc., it is more likely for her to watch ten 3-minute videos throughout the day.

As an interested consumer, she will be more likely to tune into a short live stream clip so she can truly experience an event in real-time.

Providing Value during Live Stream

Live Stream Media

There has been a large departure from traditional, scripted video content in 2019. Consumers are more interested in authentic, unscripted video, preferably via live stream. Social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Linkedin, have seen an increase of snackable live stream content dominate their platforms.

The attention span of the consumer is decreasing, which means that in order to get their attention, you need to provide value in every interaction. Quick, stimulating and relevant material will work miracles next to scripted, traditional content that will put your audience to sleep.

Investing in Live Streaming Software

Care about your marketing and sales? Invest in live streaming, and you will be able to better capitalize on the need for snackable content. Your audience will not only be more engaged with snackable content, they will be more likely to stay engaged. Contentflow can support you by live streaming to all of your social media networks in addition to your site simultaneously. One of our most popular features is the live-clip feature which allows quick, snackable content to be available and ready to stream within seconds of the edit. Doesn’t that sound easy as cake? Give your an audience a slice, and they will crave the next. 

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