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Are you getting your piece of the pie? Projections indicate that live streaming will be worth approximately $70.05 billion by 2021, according to Content creators and businesses who incorporate live streaming into their marketing practices will be at a substantial advantage. Those who choose to refuse to adapt to the ever changing scope of the internet will be lucky to land in third place. However, it is not good enough to have a live stream. Your live stream needs to be consistent and creative to hold the attention of your on-the-go audience.

Content Creators ASK

audienceDon’t assume that you know best!

Ask your audience for advice on what they would like to see on your live stream. While content creators are in control, it is important to respect the audience.

Plus, this will allow you to be more interactive on your live stream. By posing questions, your viewers will be prompted to send suggestions instead of floating hearts.

Breaking News

teemu paananen 376238 unsplashNo matter your industry, live streaming is the most effective way to share breaking news with your audience. From a global to local scale, you can deliver news instantly.

If you’re a journalist, you can develop the “heard it here first” reputation. If the news is pertaining to your own business, then you can develop a special connection with your live stream audience.

For those who tune in, they will get the inside scope before those who read your blog or watch your daily vlog.

In Depth Live Reviews

content creators creativeAs content creators, you may also be tastemakers for your community. The people want to know what you think! Your opinions matter. This is how influencers are made. Think of live streaming as another avenue for sharing your value. Allow your audience to learn more about your insights through reviews via live stream.

By live streaming your latest thoughts on trendy restaurants, best-selling products, books, movies, etc., your audience will tune in to get the latest lowdown.

While in depth video reviews are popular, nothing beats a candid live stream review.

Interesting Guests (Not Just Content Creators!)

featured guests with content creatorsDon’t bore your audience to death with repetitive topics. Even though your viewers might adore you, it is not enough to solely talk on your live. Spice up your live stream with featuring interesting guests in your niche. Your viewers want to see unexpected guests in your live stream so give it to them!

By hosting influencers on your channel, you will also benefit from cross-promotion. Your live stream might acquire some of your guests’ live stream viewers from their own channels.

Additionally, featuring more guests will increase the value of your platform by providing more insights to your audience.

Confessionals with Content Creators

nick fewings 532590 unsplashBe raw. Wear your heart on your sleeve.

The best content is honest content that allows the audience to get an insider’s perspective. Even if you are a private person, share one or two personal opinions during your live.

For example, share a mistake or missed opportunity. Without giving out too many confidential details, share information that could give your viewers a leg up in their own personal lives or business ventures.

Being vulnerable, transparent and forthcoming are always positive traits to display. If you would like to develop a closer relationship with your audience, you have to invite it by putting yourself out there first. Remember to give value even if it you don’t see the immediate ROI besides being a good content creator.

Giveaways Announcements

content creators annouce winnersEveryone loves freebies, right?

But people especially love to WIN. Hosting giveaways on your channel will encourage people to pay closer attention to your platform, increasing your overall engagement.

If you are determined to raise the interaction level of your channel, host your giveaway announcements on your live stream. The anticipation of the winner announcement will cause more than the usual number of viewers to watch.

Q/A with Content Creators

content creators talkYour audience has personal questions that they would love to ask you! Answer them. Or, take a page from what Gary Vaynerchuk does on his Instagram and Facebook Live where he answers business-related questions from fans. While you may be tempted to post a pre-recorded video, a live stream would not only be more interactive but more intimate. (Don’t worry. You can upload to YouTube later!)

By streaming a live Q/A, your audience will see an uncut version of your answers, emphasizing how transparent you are with your audience. As content creators, it is essential to develop trust with your viewers.

Of course, your audience would love to see a live event or concert. However, on the day-to-day live stream, content creators have to be creative to keep up with the competition. Be an interactive live stream that always allows the audience to guess what’s next. That is the live stream that will always attract viewers.

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