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Cloud-Based Streaming SaaS Platform Gets Backing from Speedinvest, VC Fonds Technologie Berlin, Betaworks, Akatuski Entertainment Technology Fund & Notable Angel Investors

Contentflow, a cloud-based SaaS solution for all facets of live-streaming, announced that it has raised a €2 million seed round investment from leading venture capital firms and angel investors. Speedinvest, VC Fonds Technologie Berlin, Betaworks, and Japanese Akatsuki Entertainment Technology Fund as well as other notable angels participated in the round.

How Does Contentflow Work?

Contentflow enables its clients to live-stream content to all current social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitch as well as directly to websites. Moreover, Contentflow also provides browser-based live, on-the-fly editing and rendering on all devices. Overall, it allows an easier and faster way to monetize content.

Who Uses Contentflow?

Current clients include ARD AktuellOnline Marketing Rockstars (OMR) and FUNKE media group. In the US, the Electronic Sports League (ESL) is currently testing the Contentflow platform as a better way to reach their audiences worldwide.

Newly Acquired Capital

While Hamburg-based Next Media Accelerator invested into the development last year, the three founders are now expanding the circle of shareholders and have big plans. This round of funding will continue to evolve the platform and increase expansion in the US market.

“This newly acquired capital will help us accelerate our international expansion,” said Managing Director and co-founder Sebastian Serafin. “Contentflow only began operations New York City 6 months ago, and we have already acquired our first US client.

Mr. Serafin continued, “Thanks to the support of NMA and business angels including Jens Schumann and Martin Dräger and the hard work of our entire team in Berlin, Hamburg, and New York, Contentflow has developed a market-ready technology and gained noteworthy clients in just one year! One of our business angels, Jens Müffelmann, the former Axel Springer Digital Chief, opened several doors in the US, including the introduction to Betaworks.”

“Contentflow convinced us right from the start and our customers were delighted, so we are very pleased that the indicators for the young company point towards continued growth,” says Nico Lumma, Managing Partner at Next Media Accelerator.

“Contentflow marks the next step in the democratization of live-streaming. As an experienced investor in this field (bitmovin, hitbox), the team quickly won us over with its comprehensive understanding of the needs of users and its passion for the topic,“ says Daniel Keiper-Knorr from Speedinvest. “Contentflow has already demonstrated significant traction and a promising product roadmap in an exciting market. We look forward to joining the committed founding team and international investors in the software market for live-streaming,” says Tobias Schimmelpfennig, Investment Manager at IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft.

Exciting new functionality recently announced

Several weeks ago, the company announced that together with Deutsche Welle that it will receive funding from the Google Digital News Innovation Fund (DNI).  This funding will allow Contentflow’s live streams to provide additional data via automated face and object recognition which could lead to new advertising formats, among other things. “We believe that live streaming will continue to evolve the way media is consumed and Contentflow is dedicated to raising everyone’s expectations of what is possible with our technology,” explains co-founder Gregor Landwehr.