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Media and live streaming go hand in hand, especially in 2020. Media companies are responsible for reporting real-time events. They are boots-on-the-ground reporters and journalists. However, without live video and respective tools, the audience will not receive information as quickly or as accurately possible. By utilizing live video, your media company will be able to convey a stronger sense of transparency, while maintaining a code of ethics. Contentflow’s many features can help any media coverage capture the full story without compromising quality.

Media Feature You Didn’t Know You Needed

media liveWhile there are many live streaming features that would work immensely well with media companies, the most impactful might be the ability to cut during a live stream. With the Live Cutter, Contentflow allows you to create snackable content by cutting content, exporting and publishing it, while streaming. In addition, our Cloud-Based Editing enables you to edit, cut and share excepts during the live as well. These features are innovative because the content can easily transform to a more suitable size-wise for consumption. Also, Contentflow encourages you to respect the audience. By having these tools active during the stream, it demonstrates the importance of transparency and immediacy. The audience does not have to wait to receive an edit or excerpt. In a world where everything is expected to happen immediately, this expert level of live streaming lives up this expectation.

Analyzing Your Virtual Audience

live stream church smlDo you know where your audience is located? Who’s tuning in for your live stream? At Contentflow, we can help you narrow down your audience data with the Audience Analytics tool. Utilizing the tool shows you how many users have viewed your stream at any time. It also pulls a geolocation heatmap for a visual illustration of where your audience members are located in the world. By knowing the details of your viewers, you can better plan your live stream with location-relevant content.

Going Back in Time During Your Live

Even though the media focuses on the here and now, it is essential that viewers have the option of seeing the recording of your live immediately after the actual event. This feature allows them to stay up-to-date with the news, while allowing them not to miss anything during the live video. Giving your audience this option allows them to care more about your content, knowing that they will be able to have the full context no matter when they catch the live. Since viewers tend to have busy schedules, this added feature allows you to build trust and confidence, valuing their time.

If you’re interested in expanding your live stream capabilities or choosing a provider that offers a substantial package with no extra stress, contact Contentflow today for a free demo.  You’ll learn about how our features, including Multistream, Live Cutter, Subtitles, Embeddable Video Player, Cloud-Based Editing, Interactions, Static Overlay Graphics and more can support your current media production needs. In addition, Contentflow’s customer service is unmatched. With our event expertise, we can help you identify any foreseeable problems with your upcoming function.  If you have a virtual event circled in your calendar, please reach out. Together, we can work to make your live streamed event memorable.