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Money isn’t necessarily the focus of your live stream. However, it doesn’t hurt to make a few extra bucks on your channel. If you are ambitious about growing the earning potential of your live stream, then it’s time to review your options. Before you go live again, let’s brainstorm on how you can inspire your audience to contribute to your channel.

Get Sponsors and Full Screen Ads

moneyIf you’re a popular channel or page, then you might want to consider asking corporations to sponsor your live stream. For example, you could run an image as a full screen ad during a break of your live stream.

Contentflow can provide you with a graphic overlay feature that can run full screen. This feature would also allow you to talk, while the image is running. If you want, you could discuss your experience with the product, giving them an endorsement.

It can also remain as a logo in the corner of the screen throughout the live stream. Additionally, you could also include the physical product as a prop during the live. 

Make Money with SuperChat Donations

aneta pawlik OTMVrxblFqg unsplash 1A YouTube live stream is a great avenue to earn a little more. Encourage your audience to utilize the SuperChat feature on the stream. This feature highlights their contribution, while allowing them to comment and get more visibility. If you missed our article about SuperChat donations, don’t worry. Check it out here. 

Captions! Don’t ignore your captions. If you’re streaming on Facebook or YouTube, be sure to place affiliate links in the caption section. Include affiliate links to your favorite products that you use and love.

For example, are you streaming from your laptop? Do you have a specific camera that you love? Also, did you review products in your live stream? If you have items that you enjoy and believe that your community could benefit from, include the links for your viewers to explore. If they buy the product, you receive a cut. Super easy, right?

Host Live Auction for Money

money 2If you don’t have a virtual assistant, ask a friend to monitor your live stream so you can hold an auction. Instead of a giveaway, you can auction off items, ones that specifically mean something to the audience.

For example, if there’s a prop that you’ve had on your channel for a while, loyal fans may be interested in bidding for it. Or, for example, if you have sneakerhead viewership, you could auction off classic or new kicks.

You could also auction your time. If you’re a makeup artist, fitness instructor, life coach, etc., you could allow your audience to bid on an exclusive package. Make your auction valuable to your audience, and it will be mutually beneficial.

While your live stream may not be a big business venture for you, implementing the tips above will allow you to increase your finances. Some content creators do not take advantage of these opportunities because they do not want to ask too much of their viewers. However, it is up to you to decide the balance of providing value and asking for support. If done well, your audience will only support you by being an active subscriber or follower.

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