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Digital workshops or virtual training are very relevant for many work sectors these days. No matter the industry, effective online training should cover three areas: Registration, recording of active participation and certification. Wherever knowledge is shared and participation is also to be verified, a suitable digital solution is required here. Contentflow’s software extension offers just that. Here we explain what it looks like.

User Interface

Under a branded subdomain, a web interface for your project will be provided. Only registered users will have access to it. There are several options for the registration process. You can customize your own interface with logo, colors, and fonts to match your own corporate design. This will help participants navigate the website when they log in. Also interesting: Branding in the livestream—why this is important. Our project example, which can be seen further down in the article, shows an interface with logo integration.

Interactive Online Training

online training software

Interaction during online training. Photo: / UnsplashUnsplash

Interaction is very essential, especially in the digital world—here are some tips. One of the best interactive elements in livestreams is a moderated chat. Here, participants can ask direct questions that are answered either by the moderator or the person giving the presentation themselves. You can use Contentflow to play pre-recorded videos on a defined schedule. There are certainly many more ways to actively engage the audience. The tips linked in this section tell you more.

Analysis download

With an analysis dashboard, you can use various parameters to check whether participants really did actively take part in the online training. After the training, an analysis is available for download. This shows whether and for how long people followed the training. This is particularly important if the participants are to receive a certificate afterwards.

No IT knowledge required

You don’t need to install any software for an online training with the Contentflow extension. It works with a current browser and an internet connection. However, this should be stable. The administration is also done via the browser. It takes only a few clicks until the interface is available. Our project example at the end of the article shows how such a landing page could be created. Basically, it shows a logo, header, and login with username and password.

Data protection

Working with Contentflow is data protection compliant. Because as a company based in Berlin, we follow all European data protection standards. All data is stored securely and confidentially under German data protection on servers in the EU. Click here for more information (only available in German language).

Project example: Charité

The Charité used the Contentflow learning portal as online training software for a professional education event. This symposium should be able to be credited via the points system of the medical association. You can find more information about the project here (only available in German language).

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the online training software.