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In 2019, an astonishing 91% of all US employers stated that they intended to offer their employees an opportunity to work remotely from day one. 2020 came and what was once a commodity, additional benefit, and privilege became a necessity. Just like in every other situation, those who adapt will survive. Suddenly, the main goal of almost every company is to make remote work possible, but also to do so without affecting revenue, productivity, and employee and customer satisfaction.

The impact of this change is visible in nearly every industry, and event management is one of them. Nowadays, it’s not possible to host live events. It may seem like you can’t create a marvelous, engaging, and interactive event for your attendees. So, how do you cope? Well, of course, you go virtual! Don’t think about everything you will be losing. Instead, take a look at our tips on how to organize a great online conference. The entire world is at home, so you need to turn this situation to your advantage.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Big

Just because your resources might be limited, it doesn’t mean that your entire plan should go to waste. All great ideas and plans you had can be modified. In fact, it might be even better than you expected. For example, a virtual conference can have an almost unlimited number of attendees. You don’t have to worry about the limitations of the venue, potential problems with catering, and similar.

Additionally, many influential speakers are adjusting their schedules. They have more time on their hands—no commute certainly makes a difference. This is a great opportunity to attract some amazing keynote speakers. Make a list of the ones you would definitely like to have at your conference and reach out to them. You can do this from the comfort of your home. Now, how great is that?

Create Value for Your Attendees and Speakers

marjan grabowski HgcdpLIa5jo unsplashThe number of online events has been on the rise since every other option is on hold right now. In order to make your conference appealing to a larger audience, you need to provide something worthwhile. Your attendees need to understand that what you are offering can’t be found anywhere else. Also, they need to feel like what they’re getting is incredibly useful to them. The same goes for your speakers since they may already be booked in advance.

Don’t Avoid Humor and Fun Activities

The closeness of live human interaction is definitely missed these days. You can’t replace it, for sure. But you can create a different kind of relationship at your conference. Obviously, people aren’t physically close to each other. That doesn’t mean that the relationship has to remain sterile and strictly professional. Especially now, when people want entertainment, distraction, fun, and to enjoy themselves more than ever. Include this in your scheduled activities, and you will definitely create a memorable event.

Virtual conferences can be as good as the typical ones, if not better. In addition to following the advice above, make sure you have tested all of the equipment beforehand. It’s important to have a plan B in place. Don’t assume everything will work itself out. Focus on creating the best possible experience for your attendees.

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